Friday, January 6, 2012

Specially for girls!!

 Good evening dear friend! Long hair...!!!! If your a girl with little bit long hair who is doing biotech or microbiology or pharmacy or similar course.., you might have experienced this!! It's rules in most of the labs to tie your hair tight and cap it to avoid the falling hair to mix up in your product. Capping the long hair is the real problem. The long hair never hides itself in the cap. It peeps out of your cap and gets you and your experiment into trouble. For this, you must use a little bit large sized cap! Normal caps wont suit! I have a bit long hair & I terribly experienced this with my friends, in industry. My whole day went adjusting the cap!!! This may sound a bit funny. But, I thought of trimming my hair for this nuisance, it caused me in my lab. But, I love a little bit long hair. Have to buy a big size cap next time for covering my hair :P :P :)

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