Monday, January 9, 2012

S0, What's your favorite dish?!?

Manure for  my Garden !!! 
I'm a bit different; I never grow roses,lilies, sunflowers in my garden; But, just cute little microscopic flowers ---> microbes!!! Each and every person will have their own favorite dish. Mine is naan and butter masala. What's your's? What do these little cells require for growing well?  But, what do my microbes need? What's their favorite? Got an answer!!! Got an answer! They love Agar!!! Starting with basics of preparing nutrient agar in my lab tomorrow. Before the lab, we use to read on for the viva by our professor! Oooooo... My microbes are nonveggy. They love beef extracts, so i must add some to my nutrient agar!

Got some questions : 

1) At what temperature does agar liquefy and solidify??? 
        It's very simple to answer this, 
Solidifies at 32 to 40 degree C.
Liquefies at 80 degree C.

2) What role does agar serve as a nutrient ??? 
         Most microbes can't destroy and feed up agar, it just gives a background for holding the nutrients and the microbes. They give support to the cell wall of certain algae! It's a polymer made of galactose units. 

3) Why agar instead of gelatin? 
Gelatin liquefies at even less temperature in the range of 35 to 40 degree C. But, Agar melts at 80 degree C.
Moreover, only few microbes can degrade it , hence it can provide a better solid surface for growing microbes.

4) Nutrient agar for my microbes with contents like : 
      Glucose ---> Provides carbon source.
      Peptone ---> Gives protein
      Beef extract ---> aminoacids, sugars, inorganic salts
      Nacl ---> For maintaining osmotic pressure.
  NaCl is generally added to the nutrient media for maintaining the Osmotic pressure. Maintaining osmotic pressure is important, because, increase or decrease in the osmotic pressure leads to cell burst or death due to the effect of osmosis. So, maintaining the osmotic pressure is done by adding correct amount of NaCl.

Got tired out of typing and reading my notes and papers. ooov.. Gonna sleep.. good night!!! 
will feed you tomorrow my little ones.!!! :P

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