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Dandruff problem?!!! ---> a Solution!

image of human dandruff (microscopic)
courtesy: Wikipedia  
Are you suffering form dandruff problem?
I have a tip for you to get of it.
Dandruff is nothing but, over multiplication of your scalp cells and so leading to formation of more dead cells!

Your dandruff might be due to the following reasons :

1) high stress
2)exposure to extreme conditions of temperatures or chemicals
3) due to fungus mostly Malassezia species.
4) over secretion of sebum - natural oil secreted in our body.

Now let me point out you the possible solutions : 

Most of the times, when dandruff is caused due to any one of the above reasons or due to their combination.
If the reason is stress, there is no other go, you have to cool yourself in possible ways. " Stay cool" that can be the possible solution.

If it is due to extreme conditions, then avoid such conditions, cover your head with a cap! this would give you protection.

Then, the highest possible reason for your dandruff, is the fungal species, it actually acts on the triglycerides of your sebum, and produces oliec acid, this oliec acid (OA) improves the multiplication of scalp cells ( top layer of the skin- epidermis- stratum corneum) which in turn leads to dead cell formation causing dandruff!!!

The increase in sebum also causes problem, because, fungus gets more sebum to act on, thereby leading to more production of OA leading to dandruff as mentioned above.

So, increase in either sebum level or fungus number can lead to dandruff.

Tips : 

If your dandruff is due to fungus, avoid using hair oil, because fungi's favorite food is oil and it grows well in oil. 

Avoiding oil can reduce the required nourishment for your hair, so, kindly contact a dermatologist and get a substituent gel they prescribe! 

Take hair bath atleast thrice in a week. This will help you to clean up the fungus.

Let your hair and face smile with dandruff free experience!!!

Courtesy: Wikipedia & a lecture from a microbiologist Mr. Suresh. 

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