Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Streaks!!!

Today's microbio lab! I entered the lab with enthu! We had planned learning streak plate method today. The medium agar was ready. My friends prepared it and autoclaved by morning 8.30. Usually i reach college only by 9 in morning! :D :D Don't mistake that i'm irregular! I go by college bus! It crawls like a snail to college!

Okay., let me come to the point now. We started our experiment by 12 noon. We poured AGAR to our plates. Solidified the agar!

Mam started explaining how to streak. When she started streaking, our agar started tearing. :( :(  The reason is we added less agar in the medium.  We added 1.8g of agar for 100ml. But., mam felt like "we must add some more".

In between., we  a few tried with the already prepared plates. I torn two plates :) :) . Didn't get good streaks.
Then., we prepared Agar with 2g/100ml and 2.5g/100ml. We autoclaved it. We didn't continue pouring and solidifying because time was about 4p.m. Lab time gets over by 4.30p.m. So, we stopped and decided to continue in next lab.

Next lab I hope i'l get to know why my streaks torn my agar.
A happy day of learning!


  1. I think holding the loop a little horizontal and making sure you streak only on the surface of the agar will solve the issue.
    And if it still tears, try reading up more on agar preparation. :)

    1. mm., We tried it. Still the problem exists. So, gonna try different preparation by increasing agar content. Thanks for the suggestion Leo Paw. :)

  2. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u...

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