Friday, January 6, 2012 or ??!!! :O

Students who are willing to join Biotechnology course., after their high school, will have this great doubt!!!! B.Sc or!!! Which helps me better?!! As a B.Tech - Biotechnolgy student , here I shared what i know. is more industry oriented. But, is more research oriented. It's not that if you go for you can't research! As, I'm studying I could say " In we deal about bio processing; thermodynamics; which are more industry based. But, I learn microbiology, biochemistry and similar papers too." What my professor suggested was " If anyone wanna research in biotechnology, it's better to go with,, Phd. ;But,, & Ph.d has high value in industry! ". It's hard to shine here in this field. Hard work & patience are much needed. But, once you get a master degree, your value gets multiplied!

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