Sunday, January 29, 2012

A search for my little friends in soil!!! :P

Mm... I know to isolate the microbial friends from soil and milk samples :)))  Learnt it in my lab :) tried it and found the results good. We used just a random soil sample. First the soil was diluted in 100 (10^-2) ml of water. Then serial dilution was made till we reached 10^-6. then using spread plate and pour plate methods we inoculated our microbial soil samples.  If milk, 1ml of sample diluted in 100ml at first. then serial dilution till 10^-6. The plates were incubated at 35 degree celsius for 24 hours.

Next day we found colonial growths in our plates :) Majority of the colonies were circular & punctiform (small circles). Some erose type(irregular) were also observed.

As the dilution increases, the colony number decreases. I learnt, "Pure culture can be isolated by dilution - Serial dilution".

 This is a basic thing in microbio lab. But, the happiness i experienced with this can't be explained. I felt as if i were a scientist :P. I enjoy every lab hour and  I'm much interested in these  lab works.   Wooo... a lovely lovely department. Can live my life with this subject. :)))))) Thank you dad for suggesting me this course.

     "Discovering the minute microbial buddies!!!! in my microscope!!"


  1. i really love microbiology lab, but i don't really love chemical lab because the chemical pattern make me dizzy -_-'

  2. Happy learning with microbes :) @Ratna Tanjung