Friday, January 27, 2012

A recipe !!! yum yummy yum.... :P

:))) Haiyaa I know to cook for my microbes now. :)
I know to cook the following recipes for my tiny ones :
1) Nutrient Agar
2) Nutrient Broth
This is not for microbes but for me.. :P
A fruity Agar recipe
Got this pic by google image search :P
Yum yum yum...
3) LB ( Luria - Bertani )  agar
4) LB Broth

The composition :
1) Nutrient broth : 
For 1000ml :
5g of glucose
5g of peptone
3g of beef extract
5g of Nacl

2) Nutrient agar : 
15g of agar added to nutrient broth of 1000ml

3) LB Broth :
For 1000 ml :
10 g of Nacl
10 g of tryptone
5 g of yeast extract

4) LB agar:
15 g of agar added to 1000 ml LB broth

We prepared the medium. But, I don't know to prepare cotton plug :) :) . I tried preparing plugs.. :) :D

We were asked to practice "preparing cotton plugs" by our mam. We used lots of cotton.. But still most of us didn't get it good. "bluppp... " sound must come mam told. We tried and some of us got the sound too. when we got the sound - "blup" , we used to appreciate ourselves saying, " yeah.. yaaiii Pass ... Plug pass... :D :D "  But..., mm...  didn't get it perfect still :)  Have to work on..

A "blupp Bluppy lab hour" , Possible only in our labs. :)))))

see yaa with a fun in learning post  soon.. Tata.. !! 

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