Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to start a Project?

I was thinking deeply, that how to spend my semester holidays. Got an idea of doing a mini project in my department. Let me explain you how to start with a project or how i did start. Here we go...

Step 1:
Choose or find out your area of interest. I mean the subject your interested or your favourite subject.
You may wonder, how do i know, I hate all the subjects! But, don't worry. 
Choose the subject you feel more easy than others.

Step 2:
Read research papers online related to your area of interest. Just google and read random stuffs, you will get an idea. There are many research papers available online ( You can try online magazines for latest research trends)

Step 3:
While you were reading, something might have interested you. Read much about that topic. Try to think differently, and frame your own project.

 The above steps would suit perfect if you are a Biotechnology student.

If you find it difficult to start a brand new project, just try to continue the projects which were already done.

Plant Tissue culture in Test tube
I started reading many research papers, but, I found difficult to frame a new project. So, I consulted my professors and now continuing the project of one of seniors. The project is regarding "Pant Tissue Culture".

I'm getting addicted to laboratory nowadays. Working in the laboratory makes me happy! :) :) :D

Now, I'm in my college Computer center :) I came to centre after soaking all the bottles of Plant tissue culture lab in soap solution for decontamination. Have to wait here and go back there, to decontaminate :) :P After decontamination, I'l start working with my professor from tomorrow :)

I got some basic info regarding the project I'm gonna continue. I got project report of my seniors for reading. Reading is lovely, when I'm reading for doing a project :) :P

Reading and discussing with the professor are awesome. I'm happy! :D :) :)
Bye! Bye! Gonna decontaminate the bottles :P :) :D
Wish you loads of smile and happiness :) Cheers!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Exam#3

My semester exams are over :) :)

My first three exams were good. But, the last three.. I don't feel that they were good  :( :(
My Microbio exam and BIBT exams were good.
After that even my unit operations paper was good. But, this mathematics... :( :(
Maths is my weakness :( :( I make lots of careless mistakes :(
In maths this time I had Probability and statistics, mm.. I'm worried a lot about the results.
Then other papers were, Chemical and bio thermodynamics ; Instrumental methods of analysis.

Let's have a glance at the questions which I found different or can say difficult.

Topic: Instrumental Methods of Analysis:
Question 1: What information can be obtained by DTA that cannot be obtained by TGA?

Know the basics about DTA and TGA :

Answer is :
DTA gives information  such as Glass transition temperature, crystallization, sublimation which can't be obtained from TGA curve.

Question2: Advantages of Raman Spectroscopy over Infra red spectroscopy?

1) Raman spectroscopy gives detailed information about the backbone structure of the molecule whereas infrared gives indicates only polar segments.
2) It can be used to study materials in aqueous solutions, because infrared radiation is poorly transmitted by aqueous solutions.
3)Infrared is scanned using different instruments for near infrared, mid and far infrared, but, in Raman spectroscopy single instrument is enough.
4)In Raman spectroscopy, scattering power is directly proportional to concentration, whereas in infrared, absorbance is directly proportional to concentration.
5) Sample preparation is very simple in Raman Spectroscopy.

Topic: Chemical and Bio Thermodynamics:

I was asked a two mark question: What is host work?
Carnot heat engine 2.svg
I don't know the answer for this, if you know, kindly let me know.
All the other questions were simple in this paper.

Have a good time :) :) :) BYE! BYE!

Know the basics about DTA and TGA :

DTA : Differential Thermal Analysis:

In this technique, Sample (material of our interest) and a reference material (must be inert) are supplied with heat. When there is a thermal transition (i.e., a physical or a chemical change that causes emission or absoption of heat) in the sample, thermal energy is added to either the sample or the reference to maintain both reference and sample at same temperature. This change of temperature is plotted against the programmed temperature.
This can give details such as - Whether the transition is exothermic or endothermic. We can get details such as Glass transition temperature, crystallization, sublimation from the DTA curve.

TGA - Thermo Gravimetric Analysis:

In TGA, the sample is heated under controlled conditions and the loss of weight by the sample is measured. A TGA curve is plotted with weight in Y- axis and temperature in X-axis. It is generally used to determine the characteristics, strength of materials and their degradation temperature.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Exam#2

If you wanna read some useful Biotech stuff scroll down and read questions in this post. Else, start reading from the beginning.

My exams are going in a "okay" manner!
After my Microbio exam, I started playing with out preparing for the next exam! I started sitting like a ghost nowadays! Yes, I play all day, and at the end of the day I start reading for my exam by 6 or 7p.m.
And, before the day of my Basic Industrial Biotechnology exam, I played Cards :P :D , but, I never win the game :( :(

Started studying by 6p.m had dinner in between and studied non stop till the next day 5a.m! I didn't sleep at all.
I know, this is not good for health, I need a good sleep before exam. But... I don't wanna miss the fun at home during the day time by sitting alone and studying. My little brother and  friends, they all are enjoying their school summer holidays. They are making fun and much noise during day, then, how come I can read?

I'l take my book, pen, notes and start reading, they'l start shouting, "dei.. shoot shoot.. come on.. hey.." looking at their computer games! That's it, I'l close my book, jump over to games :D :)  enjoying the beauty of my day!

Towards the end of the day, they all go home, I'l sit with my books! I started spending my nights hugging my books instead of pillows. Anyways, I manage to prepare well. Let's discuss my question paper now!

My Basic Industrial Biotechnology Questions:

Questions I didn't know, two mark questions,

Polyene antibiotics and non polyene antibotics - Compare and contrast!

:( I didn't know answer for this question :(
Okay what is this polyene antibiotic? I got the answer! Referred my book "A Text book on Industrial Microbiology" By Crueger.

 Polyene Antibiotic:

A chemical compound with a carbon chain of four or more atoms and several conjugated double bonds is a polyene antibiotic. In other words, they have 26 to 38 membered lactone rings with conjugate bonds. They are generally referred as macrolides. They are effective against fungal infections. They are not suitable for plant disease control as they are sensitive to light and heat.

Non Polyene Antibiotic:

Non polyenes are generally not effective against fungus. They don't have conjugate bonds. They are generally effective only against bacterial species. 

And one more question was, regarding subunit vacccine. I attended this question correctly. But, I didn't read on this. Just, I wrote by guess from the name of the vaccine. :) 

Subunit Vaccines:

These are the vaccines which provide a subunit of a Protein as a vaccine, instead of giving a whole attenuated virus as a vaccine. 

Method of production of subunit vaccines:

1) A specific protein from the virus is isolated and it is given as vaccine. This protein acting as an antigen provokes immune response producing antibody.

2) In other case, Recombinant technique is used, by which gene  coding for the protein from a virus is introduced into another virus which produces this protein, but, this protein is not virulent, but still it can provoke immune response. This recombinant protein is used as vaccine.

The disadvantage of using this subunit vaccine is that the protein may get denatured at times.

Is Endotoxins, primary metabolites? 
I was bit confused with this question. But, I got the answer after thinking for a few seconds.

Endotoxins are generally not excreted out of the microbial cells. So, they are used up by the cells for their normal function. Primary metabolites are the metabolites which are used for normal growth and functioning of the cells. Sometimes, we refer parts of the microbes also as endotoxins. So, the answer must be : 

Yes, Endotoxins are primary metabolites! Because the primary metabolites are generally aminoacids, organic acids nucleotides etc., and endotoxins are also proteins and important metabolic products. 

Happy reading! :) Wish you good time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Exam#1

Wish you good time. My Semester exams started. Today I wrote my favorite paper "microbiology". The question was easy. But, the answers were only little tough :P Anyways, I managed to do well. :)

There in the question paper, I had a wonderful question! I started thinking, "cha, we had never thought like this..!" The question was very simple, but, I didn't know the answer. Even now I'm not sure about the answer.
File:Dark Field Microscope.png
I had been using microscopes, mostly optical - bright field microscopes over a past few years, may be from my 11 th class I can say. I had read about Dark field microscope too. But, I had never thought of converting a bright field microscope to a dark field one! But, this question paper setters, really they are great. I felt  like saying, "what an idea sir ji", on seeing the question. :P :P :D

The question was, "can you convert a bright field microscope to a dark field microscope? If so how?"

I don't know the answer for this question. I thought like " yes it may be possible, but.. how? something like changing the light source position?"

I left space and proceeded with the next question. After finishing all the questions, I came to the space. 

I wrote like this:

" In bright field microscope, we get dark images over bright background; In dark field, bright images in dark background. Yes it is possible to convert a bright field microscope to dark field by changing the position of the light source" :P :P :P

I know this is wrong, but, anyways I filled the gap! Came home and searched for the answer. But, I didn't get the correct answer. 

The correct answer might be:

" Conversion is possible by changing the condenser lens of the bright field microscope, because dark field uses special lenses" 

I'm not sure with this. You know the answer? Can you give me the right answer? 

If your are a science person, who knows about microscopes, kindly answer me! :( :( 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Study Holidays! :O

Hello! Wish you good time with loads of smile :) :)

This is a personal post. I can say a page of my diary. You can find my way of learning, my preparations for my semester exam.

I'm in the end of my study holidays! The pleasant days, lazy days. My exams were scheduled initially on 8th may, I started studying on 4th may. I started studying "Unit Operations - Mixing and Agitation" at a speed of about 10,000 rpm :P

But, this university people, I think they were burning at their stomach, seeing me studying. Yes, they postponed the exam to 15th may. Then, who will study after that? I closed the book, started writing story :) :)

Now, the story is going good, but my studies? :( :( very worst :(  Only finished a unit in Unit operations :(
After that didn't touch the books at all. :(

What I do during study holidays?

1) Reading everything, except text book. :D
2) Eating snacks for every half an hour :D :P
3) Sleeping 10p.m to 10a.m
4) Went to exhibition two times :)
5) Writing stories, poems :)

But, Kanmani never worries :) She can manage! :) And, she can score good grade. But how?

My way of learning:

I never read during my study holidays (like most of the students do) But, I manage to score good grades. :)
My friends use to ask me, "Hey Kannu (that's how they call me) you are always online, writing stories, poems, blog posts, but, how you score good?"

The answer is:

1) I enjoy learning
2) I listen to all the lectures with high concentration.
3) I use to prepare for my internal exams. So, just a recall is enough before the exam day.

Study Holidays!
If you wanna score high, don't read like hell. Follow simple steps.

1) Develop interest with your subject (Never develop a bad feeling with your lecturer)
2) Try to lend your ears to your lecturers. Take notes of the lectures ( this will help you a lot, because, you are listening and putting what you understood in simple words)
3) Be cool, never worry about the exam, never prepare for exam sake, while you are reading feel that your reading for gaining knowledge.

Try to visualize. For eg: If your learning about movement of bacteria, imagine a bacteria, imagine as if it's moving in your hands, like it's using its flagella.
This will never get out of your mind, imagine with color, the color will never go out from your mind.

:D :D I shared this imagining as if I'm an expert in education. :P Anyways, you try this techniques. This works well for me. If you feel this as a worst technique :) kindly, don't scold me :)

Bye...! All the best for your exams!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blood Cancer - Medicine available!

Description: Description: 316439_232087880179382_121364007918437_579787_929938601_n.jpgI got this as a mail. Hope, this would help someone. kindly share this content. I didn't alter or edit the content of the mail. If you have heart to help someone, share or copy this content and mail it to your friends.

Dear All, 

Medicine for Blood Cancer (Leukemia)!!!! 

Please don't delete this without forwarding. 
I am forwarding it to the maximum I can. 

Let it reach the 110 crores Indians and the remaining if any. 

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Create Awareness. It might help someone. 

Forward to as many as u can, kindness costs nothing. 
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