Thursday, October 4, 2012

Protein Targeting!


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As the title says, it's about protein targeting. I was taught transcription and translation in detail in my molecular biology classes. It was very very interesting. And at the end of translation, I was explained about Protein targeting.

Protein targeting: The proteins are transferred to various organelles inside the cell and also to outside of the cell by protein targeting. After the synthesis of the protein, it has to be transferred or transported to respective organelles. But, how the cell distinguishes the proteins which are to be transported to mitochondria, which are to be transported to chloroplast and to various organelles?

How the cell distinguishes? It's with the help of "Signal sequences". These signal sequences are added to the proteins when they are synthesised / translated. This signal sequences helps the cell to identify where the protein has to be translocated.

After the transfer of the protein to the specific organelle, the signal sequence is cleaved off by signal peptidase.

See, how beautiful the mechanism is. If you really wanna adulate something, then do the mechanism of cell :)

Protein targetting to Mitochondria
Source: Internet

As a biotechnology student, I do admire the cellular level actions and mechanisms. This is what important in learning something, isn't it?

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