Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm in love!

As a biotechnology student whether I'm taking care of my meals plate or not, I have to take good care of my petriplates. I wash my petriplates better than my meals plate!

Yes, we never autoclave and sterilise our meals plate, but we do for our petriplates! We ( I mean me and my friends) enjoy cleaning and autoclaving our petriplates in our  department media room. And you know, my friends always complaint that I'm never accompanying them in cleaning. Yes, I'll go, wrap my petriplates, put it in autoclave, but I find it very hard to wash!

Always, I do autoclave, but, never wash after the autoclaving, I'll give that easy job to my friends :P I love my petriplates! Yes, I love them a lot.

But, how do I say that I love my petriplates? I love them because I'm always with them. I love them because, even whether I do complex Genetic engineering or simple Microbiology, I always need them!

And the final reason for loving my petriplates is they are so cute, especially, the glass ones! Wow, they are so cute!

And, today I loved them even more looking at the google doodle! Wow, Awesome it was.
For the 161st birthday of Julius Richard Petri - German microbiologist who invented petriplates, google had done this cool doodle. The six plates, each showing the source of the microbe when you place the mouse over it, looked really cool.

And, the best thing I loved was, Wikipedia has updated the information in the page of Julius Richard Petri adding, "google made a doodle for his 161st birthday!"

How fast, I had never noticed previously about this update of Wikipedia on google doodle, just today I noticed it and I was surprised! This is really really awesome. You didn't look at the doodle? Go, check it out, it is "sooper" :)

Love you Petri! <3 :) :P :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Types of plasmid!

I learnt genetic engineering, and of course, about plasmids. But, when I was questioned about the types of plasmid, God, I was blinking! :(

I had known plasmid only as a vector most times, I was aware of the types of vectors but, types of plasmids? :(

Okay, It's not a great shame, I learnt it now! Let me share here about the types of plasmids, just what I learnt.

Based on the functions of a plasmid they are classified as,

Resistance Plasmids:
These are the plasmids which have resistance genes. For example the gene coding beta lactamase which offers resistance against beta lactum antibodies like ampicillin. This is an important thing which is used while performing cloning experiments for checking the transformation. This was called as "R Factor" before the discovery of plasmids.

Fertility plasmids (F Plasmids):
And, these type of plasmids they have important genes called tra genes, never wonder, tra genes are transfer genes which are essential for the non sexual transfer in bacteria. This helps in formation of Pili and conjugation as a result.

Col plasmids:
These plasmids are the ones which have special genes for inhibiting the growth of similar bacterial strains i.e., bacteriocins.

Degenerative plasmids:
These are things which contains special genes responsible for digesting toulene like things. For example, I could say "Super bugs" they have engineered plasmid containing genes for digesting several types of chemicals and it is used for clearing oilspills.

Virulence plasmids:
These are the ones which makes us to hate bacteria. Yes, these make the bacteria virulent i.e., disease causing. You hate it, right?

Still I have one more thing to explain, "Promiscuous plasmid". This was asked in my university exam and adding to the sadder part, I didn't know the answer. But, nothing to worry, I got the answer now.

Promiscuous plasmids: These are plasmids which are self transmissible to a wide variety of organisms. They allow transfer of DNA to other species.

You know any other types of plasmids? Then share with me in the comment section, anything was not clear? comment then.

Take care. Bye :) :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Modern Health care!

Everyone knows that India is developing in all the sectors and certainly, Medical sector is also one among them. And, just a few days back, higher secondary exam results were out and all the toppers were saying, "I would like to become a doctor and serve poor-and-needy". Most of the students want to become a doctor or an engineer. Okay, that's not our interest now.

There is no doubt that our country had already got very good hospitals and modern facilities. I had read in some articles that even people are coming from other countries to get treatment in India and I'm proud of it!

It is possible to modify the genes of your baby even when he/she is in the womb. You don't have a hormone, your body failed to secrete a hormone? Don't worry, just get a dose of it in the form of injection and be cool and healthy. I'm a biotechnology student, I'm damn passionate and interested in cancer research and you know? nowadays many people are coming out with new therapies and techniques for treating deadly diseases like cancer, not only cancer! Even magnets are used for treating cancer!

Is it possible to produce banana or apple which contains Insulin? Yes it's possible, by just expressing the human insulin gene in fruits of Banana plant. How cool it is, you can get a banana and enjoy it if you have diabetes! (This is just an example, don't go much deep and argue with me that banana is not good for Diabetic people, then, have some other fruit :) )These are all some innovations and modern things. These are all very few of the Biotechnology based innovative things that I know.

And there are also lots of innovations in the field of Bio-medical engineering which provides advanced equipment for the doctors to touch the lives of people in a better way!

Everything seems fine, right? Yes, all the techniques and technology are fine. But how far it is reaching the people? How far people are benefited? There is no doubt that many people are getting benefited by these techniques and technology. But, who are those "many"?

Modern Health Care
Unfortunately those "many" doesn't include the poor people! We have advanced technologies, but, they are very costly! I'm not blaming anybody here, but, this is the reality, isn't it? I know many people who are seeking other's help for paying their surgeries and medicines. Here we can't blame the hospitals for giving expensive treatments for their patients, we can't, because the technologies, the advanced technologies are costly! Then we can blame our people for being poor? I don't know that! So, here whether I can conclude saying "Modern health care is touching only the lives of rich, richer and richest people of our country?"

There are medicines available for most of the diseases in our country. But, whether we are all aware about the fact that we are all resistant to those medicines? Yes, even if you take antibiotic for your fever, it won't work anymore! Reason? Any medicine or antibiotic must be taken for the appropriate period of time as per the doctor's prescription. If doctor asks you to take medicine for one week, then you must do for a week. But, most of us won't do it. If we are feeling alright by the 3rd day, we'll stop the medicines and if your microbe is still present in very minute less quantity, then it will develop resistance against the antibiotic. Then after this, even if you take medicine already available for this fever again, you won't get better! (I hope. i explained it clearly in a simple way) This is why our Government is trying to create awareness in the case of Tuberculosis treatment.

There are many people in our country who are not educated, whether they are all aware of these things? No? Then, what's the use of having such innovative medicines and techniques? Then, here, whether I can conclude saying, "Modern health care is touching only the lives of literates in our country?"

We have all the facilities in our country, but, it is reaching all the people?  I leave it to you, you can think and say me the answer!
Thanks to Indiblogger and Apollo hospitals who made me write this for "the contest". I had written previously about the drug resistance, but, I feel this will reach many than my previous one.

And finally, I'm afraid that I wrote something against somebody! :P Who cares, what I wrote here is, what I felt and what I know! :D :) Cheers!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Drinking chlorophyll!

Chlorophyll. I know this as a green pigment in plants and some algae and bacteria, which helps in photosynthesis. This is the thing, known by most people who know the basic botany! But, recently I got to know something interesting about this greeny pigment.

Few days back, I went to an exhibition in my town where I had come across a stall which had some plant based products and medicines. There I came across a product which was a "chlorophyll drink". I don't know why that thing alone got my interest among the number of products.

The lady who was selling those products came near me looking at my onterest over that product and she started explaining "this is good for diabetes, good for cancer, ulcer,...", she possibly listed out all the diseases she knows and added that she had cured cancer patients in the severe stages using this chlorophyll drink. And when she was explaining I thought like "yeah. we are consuming chlorophyll every day in the form of greeny spinach leaves..., and ofcourse having spinach is good for health"

I wondered! Just a drink could cure all the diseases??! Then I started searching about the health benefits of chlorophyll.

Chemically similar!
When we look at the chemical sturcture of chlorophyll and hemoglobin,  both resembles similar! Chlorophyll contains Mg(2+) in the centre and hemoglobin has Fe(2+) in the middle. So, drinking chlorophyll will surely give some benefits, isn't it?

Anti cancerous!
Certain cancers caused due to fungus present in contaminated foods are reduced by consuming chlorophyll! Chlorophyll attach to certain chemical components which causes cancer thereby blocking them.

Anti diabetic!
Ligands for the retinoid X receptor(RXR) had shown anti diabetic effects. Phytanic acid, which is a metabolite of chlorophyll is a natural ligand for RXR and hence it has anti diabetic effect.

I read several articles and papers regarding the benefits of chloropyll. I came across lots of benefits in having a chlorophyll diet. All the benefits are generally because of improving the immunity of the body.

But, Drinking chlorophyll is how far advisable? I feel like, there is no need for drinking chlorophyll. Because there are reports of side effects, drinking chlorophyll.

I remember one thing which my mom always stresses from my childhood, "Eat green veggies and spinach"

So, just have lots of greeens and get all the benefits like anticancerous, antidiabetic etc.,