Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lecturer's Apple!!! :) :) :)

I was wondering till yesterday, why is it necessary to learn Thermodynamics in Biotechnology..!!! Got the answer today. Learning the fluid flow rates and heat transfer would help me better in industry when we design a fermenter; moreover, it would help in understanding the flow of bulk biological products through a pipe. Rotameter; Flow through a cylindrical straight pipe & annulus; Fluidisation, Exatraction... mmm... Some more things sir explained in the lab.  Got to know the fourier's equation for heat transfer! ( Hope I'm right :) ) I love answering questions, whenever a lecturer questions, I would open my mouth, whether i'm right or wrong!!! I get corrected by doing so. Sometimes, this leads to funny situations when friends start laughing at me coz of my silly answers!! & sometimes due to my silly doubts!. But, I never mind, :P I dare to answer everything!!! I love to be an apple in the eyes of my lecturer :) :) :) :) I got your mind voice.. But, i don't care... I'l always blow my own trumpet!!!! :P :)

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