Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear pipette!!!!

After I handled micro pipettes in lab for a semester!!! In the second semester,  the very first day in the microbiology lab, mam started with basics once again, and started explaining how to calibrate & find error percentage of a micro pipette. I listened to the procedures very carefully; I was provided with a pipette and was asked to calibrate the same. I  followed the procedures ; Took 3 eppendorfs , weighed them initially ; added water in microlitres to it ; weighed it back again; subtracted the final weight with initial eppendorf's weight; And finally the error was.... 300% !!!!!! :O ooo... " mam... this pipette is not at all good... it has 300% error...!!!", I went and reported to mam with full enthusiasm as if i found something great!!! " mam wondered & verified the pipette :) lolz... " mam got 0% error" :P It was myself who handled the pipette wrong!!! :) :D Mam asked me to pipette out in front of her. :D Pipette must be given minimum pressure., first press and then the liquid must be taken in. But, myself... " gave my whole strength and pressed the pipette, gave the second press also.. :P and sucked the liquid :P :D So., obviously i got more than the set amount of liquid in the pipette :D but, I reported the pipette as error.. that too not 10 or 20... , 300 % ...!!! Actually, the 300% error was in my handling of the pipette!!! Learnt how to use the pipette properly after a semester in microbiology lab :) Now, you understood , how brilliant i am??!!!!


  1. HOD once desperately commented on our pipetting skills.. like "ungala pipette panna sonen, cycle-ku kaathu adika sollala" nu, the whole class went into laughter...!

  2. Haha.. :D :D We too do such funny things while pipetting. in biochemistry lab we use ml pipettes. Mam always comments " You need 4 persons for pipetting a solution., one for holding the beaker, one noting the level in the pipette; another holding the test tube ; one more saying "ae podhum podhum 0.5 dhan.." :P :)))

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