What I learn?

Learning is obviously a continuous never ending process, and here I am one among the millions continuing the learning journey. I believe one can learn anything easily, once, one starts loving what one learns. 

I started studying Biotechnology as my dad wanted me to study Biotechnology; and later, out of my control, it became a passion and I started loving it. To know about my academic qualifications go "here".

I started writing this blog when I was an undergraduate student and here I am writing as a PhD student in School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong. I share simple and silly stuffs related to Biotechnology, stuffs that makes me curious, stuffs which sounds cool, what I learn from my lab experiments and mostly, "how my experiments fail!"; also at times I whine about random stuffs like stipend and family.

Follow the blog for reading random stuffs from a crazy student :)