Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hi readers,

I got an idea! (Bulb glows bright!) Yes, an idea to meet all my blog readers if you want to! How cool! What? Are you asking me to stop!? Oh? yes? Are you asking me, "What is the relation between this IDEA and the title of the post AVIDADHAM'15?". Wait, dears. There is a correlation. This idea to meet you all is a function of Avidadham'15! To put it in a mathematical expression : 

Idea = f(Avidadham'15) 

:P :D This is the result of doing so much Math for semester exams. Okay, coming to the point, What is avidadham'15? Avidadham'15 is an International Conference organised by the Department of Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai. I think, now you might have got the point. Yes, I'm a post graduate student in the department and I welcome you all to Avidadham'15. It is for 3 days! It will be fun for all research and science lovers, so, all my bacteria lovers, come and join us! 

You can meet international and national scientists, present your research work in poster/oral presentation events, attend the workshops  and last but not the least, you can also meet me! (I got your mind voice saying, "Come on, Kanmani is not a celebrity to meet, just a blogger!". Oh yeah, but, if you wanna meet me,just, in case :P) (One more point: The food provided in Avidadham will also be delicious :P)

I can assure you one thing about Avidadham as I have also attended it as an undergraduate student, as a participant. I learnt so many things, I got all excited and the speakers were brilliant! So, I can assure you that you would learn so many things and get a good exposure to recent research trend. Don't worry about accommodation and other stuffs, we will take care of all those. Hurry and register!

Now, as a part of Avidadham'15 team, I welcome all my blog readers and friends to the conference. Let's listen, share and enjoy the fun of Biotechnology.

Tired of the routine schedule? Searching for a platform to showcase your research work? Looking for an International conference related to biotech in Chennai? Undergraduate? Post Graduate? JRF? SRF? Professor? Scientist?  This is a perfect place for you to land! All are cordially invited!

So, Coming? To meet me? Leave a comment or an e-mail! Cheers, Let's meet! :D

For more details about the conference, visit :