Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Self confidence smiles!!!

Clicked by my bro ---> Ganapathy @ Baloo 
 I met her a day; 
She was smiling!
Though she knows,
She would wither in a week!
She smiled beautiful,
Some two days after,
She started withering;
She smiled still, WITH CONFIDENCE;
Who is she??? 
She is a ROSE!!!!
In my garden of love!!! 

Self confidence is an internal voice from your heart that you would do better even in tough times! Let the "s" word blossom in your lips like a rose; A rose, she smiles though she is aware of her short fate; She blossoms with "s"mile & makes us smile!!! 

Be a ROSE ; 
Control your roar;
Even at tough times, smile with the confidence that you could do; 
Engage others to plant the smile of self confidence!!!

A Self confident talk in TECHNICAL ENGLISH HOUR !!!

Have a confident year ahead!!! :))))))))))) Cheers!!!                                              

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