Friday, November 21, 2014

Stipend story of a scientist!

Hi readers,

It feels so good to write here, after a long (so long, in fact) gap. How are you all doing? I’m doing great, did you know, I have now joined M.Tech (Biotechnology) in Anna University, Chennai. And, after 20 years of life under the warmth of my parent’s wings, I have finally managed to spread my own wings, out of home. Yes, I have come out of my kutty (small) town, to a big city – Chennai. It feels good in one way but the other? No! It’s not feeling so good the other way. After coming here, I have realized that I was away from the so much polluted world for 20 years. This place, because of tremendous industrial development and stuffs, is polluted extremely, that you should cover your head, face, hands, foot, literally, all your body parts except eyes to keep you clean and safe from the poisonous, dusty, dirty air! Ah, forgot, you should wear big coolers to protect your eyes too. Sometimes, it feels like there is not more than 10% of O2 in the air! Villages, towns – Rural areas are heavens to live in, but, I came running to this city to achieve something; to breathe some dirt; to experience how it feels really to be independent and motivated towards a goal; and, to go crazy; to study like I have never did; to feel, try and learn everything under the sky; to make a new episode of my life!

It’s very challenging in India, especially for a girl from a small town, for a girl from an orthodox background to get out of home and go behind her dreams. After facing, so many distractions, “get married” advice, I finally convinced my parents that I would like to get out of my town, away from their warmth, avoiding their spoon feeds. I proudly was explaining them that how I cleared the entrance and how much stipend amount I’ll be getting every month, so that, they need not take care of my expenditure anymore! I was building so many beautiful castles in air with the thought of getting stipend and spending it for my food, shelter, clothing, books and if possible a small tour. Wondering, how much is the stipend money? It is just 8000 INR :P and it WILL NOT be sufficient even for basic needs if I’m spending it, without being a little stingy!  And, yes, I was planning so much with that 8000 INR.

Do science!
At last, convinced my parents, came here, joined. And, the best part of the story starts here. It’s been 3months since I joined M.Tech, and, I had not received stipend, even for a single month! So sad, right? First month end, I asked my dad, “money”. He dint ask about the stipend, but, I felt so much embarrassed and started explaining him that I would get 16k altogether, at the end of next month. He said, “It’s fine, even if you don’t get it!” But, it dint feel good for me!

When we (all poor students of my class) asked about the stipend in the university department, they said that they dint receive the funds yet. I don’t know, what the problem IS, but, it is JUST not right! Every other student in my class, having left their home town, having travelled so long, from all the corners of the country, are just SO MUCH worried because of this. We know that we would receive the stipend money for all the months, for the whole years, totally around 2lacs, for sure, without fail, but the question is, “WHEN?” The stipend is meant for supporting the student’s expenditure, but, what is the idea of giving it after a long… long… gap? It won’t be of any use if we receive it, after completing M.Tech, after finding a job! We need it now; we need it to take care of ourselves and to proceed with our research. And, I seriously understood the reality why every Indian student wants to fly abroad for doing MS. At least, they would get the stipend on time, there!

Money!!! Stipend! :(
If this is the case, YOU people, who are in charge of this stipend amount, don’t announce or promise that we would receive a monthly stipend! I know, writing here, will not move a brick, but, still, just to vent my frustration out!

Sorry, for venting out all the dirt over you. You researcher, just  GO, run your gels, heat up your PCR (I don't know why, but I really, love this guy) machine, work, research, toil, not to receive anything out of it, but satisfaction of going behind your dream. After all, I’m happy that I’m doing what I love! You too?  Yaai, Cheers to us! Got a doubt? About the "scientist" mentioned in the title," It's me :P"

Yes, lets do it!
But, look around, life is so much beautiful with big red roses all around and very little, less thorns! What do you say?