Friday, January 13, 2012

Galaataa at Chemical engg lab!!! :D :D Bang!!!

Venturi meter
 Oooo.. Pipes, Flows, Fluid flow rate... A different class of chemical engineering, which i never expected in Biotechnology. Thought that mechanical guys alone read on & deal on this thermodynamics!!! But, I too dealt with this thermodynamics. The chemical engineering lab which includes exercises like,
1) Venturi meter
2) Orifice Meter
3) Rota meter
4) Packed bed
5) Fluidised bed...

The list goes on and ends with number 14! But, I do remember only these topics. Completed with the exercise,
" FLUID FLOW THROUGH A STRAIGHT CIRCULAR PIPE " in the last lab on thursday!.
Here we go with that lab experience.  Noted the reading from manometer and stop clock successfully with my two batch mates!

Some data we searched for calculation :

1) Density of Mercury : 13,600 Kg/m^3 
2) Viscosity of Water  : 0.001 Kg/(m-s)
3) We were in need of the area of the collecting tank ....

A terrible attempt by me, for measuring the width & breadth.
My friend took a long Cm scale & started measuring. I accompanied her.
The pipe set up was on a Huge wooden board and the collecting water tank and motors were below  that. The setup was from " ALMECH Enterprises - Coimbatore "

For measuring the length I went under the wooden board and successfully measured the length as 49.4 cms. 
Tried to move out from there.... Oooooo... :( "BANG.....!!!". I banged with the wooden board!!! It pained!!! :( My lovely batch mates started comforting me!!! mm., I felt okay within few minutes and started laughing coz of my silly clash with the setup. Then started with my calculations with enthusiasm. 

Then, next came another batch over there to the set up to proceed with the experiment. They completed with the manometric readings and started with the length & breadth!!! Another " BANG!!!!". Ya, my friend again banged with the board and she too ended with laughter!!! 

We use to play " muttu muttu muttu..." game in childhood. The lab hour became such a game coz of continuous muttu's with the setup.

In another corner of the lab, Sir was trying to open a valve in the venturimeter set up . Haha.. As an extreme fun, the valve control came along with his hand. A batch which was about to experiment with that set up, became very happy that they could simply enjoy the lab leisurely !!!

A galaataa lab hour!!

The calculations and graph too went totally wrong with maximum error. :)))))) :)))))
At last, Sir ended with laughter seeing our skill in doing the experiment!!

Lovely lab hours!! Only enjoyable at my Department!! :)))

Happy to be a Biotechky!!! :))))


  1. ha ha.... nice....during exams we used to write bits on the HEAT EXCHANGER itself with pencil... are those readings still there...? and one classical viva question for Chemical engg.,lab--> what is the relation between Reynold's number and flow rate....? Hope u ll have great time in lab...!

  2. :) i didnt notice the readings. next time will go and search for it.ya they are still asking such viva questions :P We blink for all the ques :) :)))

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