Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preserving my buddies!

How cool it would be if we have an easy technique for preserving our friendship! No fights and breakups for silly reasons. No betrayals, nothing would go wrong then. But, unfortunately we don't have any such easy technique.  The technique is too hard for most people.

To preserve your friendship,
  1. Guide your friend to a right path when HE/SHE goes wrong.
  2. Stay with them even when HE/SHE has tough times.
  3. Never feel jealous on your friend's victory! ( this is a much important thing to follow, but, most times, the evil part of us tend to be jealous , but, we won't show this jealousy feel  out )
  4. Money - this sometimes could create a problem - so, have to be careful!
"Love your friends as you love love yourself!" :P    This would probably preserve your friendship to the maximum. 
But, I need not follow any of the above mentioned techniques to preserve my friendship with my friends :)
I'm much lucky that my friends would never leave me alone, even if I torture and kill them :P
I mean, my friends are "MICROBES". :P
 I could sense , how you feel now, anyways, try to tolerate with me.Okay, let me come to the point, how I will preserve my friends?  (microbes)  We experimented  two techniques today in our Microbio lab! ( but we learnt 3 in theory, as there was no time, we did only 2, the rest we will do in our next lab )

The techniques were :

  • Stab culture technique
    Stab culture
  • glycerol stock in liquid Nitrogen
  • lyophilization ( freeze drying) 
Stab culture : 
  • LB (Luria-Bertani) Agar was prepared and sterilized (autoclaved)
  • The solidified agar was melt before use in microwave oven.
  • The medium was poured into test tubes (about 1/4th) and it was allowed to solidify.
  • A loop full of culture to be preserved was taken and it was poked into the solidified agar tubes. 
  • Then, the tubes were incubated overnight. 
  • After the incubation, the tubes can be refrigerated for future usage.   
Glycerol Stock in liquid nitrogen : 
  • Sterilized (autoclaved) eppendorfs were taken.
  • To each of the eppendorf, 600 microliters of glycerol and 400 microliters of culture was added and mixed well.
  • The eppendorfs were left in dry ice bath until they got frozen and then stored in deep freezers or under liquid nitrogen for further use.
Lyophilisation - I will explain this in next post after my next microbio lab. 

:) I'm happy about this simple methods for preserving my little tiny micro friends. :) :) Love you friends! 
Tata...!! Good night! Take care.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The "F" word --> Fashion???

Sorry, If it hurts you.
 We love, no, we are eager and thrilled to do things which could hurt ourselves or others. For instance, the smokers and drunkards never mind about the warning statements over the labels.

Why i explained this instance? because, Dictionary says about "the F word" --> "it is a rude and offensive word which you should avoid using!" ; But, most people use this "F" word as a style or fashion to express their anger!

It's too rude to use this "F" word! but, still people do.

I use to read only tamil books most times. English, I read only in my text books and newspapers. Recently, I found all my friends reading a story book which had " Love.Corruption.Ambition" as the main theme. The book was full of this "F" word. I felt a bit different to read that word again and again. But, managed to finish the book.  I had come across this "f" word, many times before reading that book too.

When I heard this word for the first time i referred dictionary! Whenever, a person uses this word, i don't know why, my impression over that person goes down, though I know they are not bad.

I feel awkward to hear this "F" word!  I believe, "Even if one wants to scold  or to express his/her hard feel to someone, one must not use such rude words" 
 After all, we won't like people to use such words to scold us. Why to express our anger , in such a rude way? May be, in books, while narrating the hardness of the situation, it's "okay". But, in life?

Just scold using words which are not that rude! You may find this post as a "silly one". Just, it's my opinion, to have a better bonding with fellow humans. "Never be too rude"(even with your enemy)! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My colorful valentine! !!!

Hii...!! This time I'm gonna share my colorful  valentine search! For the valentine's day, we use to wear some specific colors which has specific means. Let me explain you, how my valentine was. I wore a grey colored costume :) (because that was not in the list of valentine). And, I went in search  of  purple & pink & black!

purple (blue)  ----> not in love!
Pink ----> Gonna propose!
Black ---> hates love!

:) :) Why i was searching these colors?? Any guesses???  Kindly tolerate with me & proceed further reading!
After a good search, I found a lovely purple, pink and black! :) Let me explain you the situation!

We had first three hours of theory class on the valentine's day. After the theory hours, I was much excited and eager to go to our lab! Because , our lab hours are the most happy, enjoyable times!
okay, let me come to the point now, why i searched for those colors?? Not only myself, all my class mates  searched for these colors.. What's so special about these colors??

Kindly tolerate with me! I searched for pink, purple & black because... We stained our microbes using GRAM'S STAINING TECHNIQUE, NEGATIVE STAINING & SIMPLE STAINING for viewing under light microscope.

In Gram's staining bacteria stain either as purple or pink :) While in simple staining just blue; In negative staining it looks transparent in black back ground.

Staining procedure :

Simple staining : 

  • Mainly used for viewing the shape and structure of cells under microscope!
  • cells stain blue in color! 
  • Prepare your slide clean.
  • Place your culture at a corner of the slide using loop, air dry and heat fix.
  • Add Methylene blue to the slide and keep for a minute.
  • wash of the dye after a minute, air dry and view under microscope. 
  • Beautiful blue color  cells can be found.
  • Morphology of the cells are noted generally using this type of staining.
Gram Staining : 
  • Based on the differences in the cell wall of the bacteria, they can be classified as gram positive and negative. 
  • Negative one's have a thin peptidoglycan layer while positive one has thick peptidoglycan layer.
Procedure : 
  • slide is prepared with the culture as mentioned above and air dried and heat fixed.
  • For a minute, crystal violet is added and washed after a minute with water.
  • Then, Iodine ( mordant - helps in effective fixing of dye to the cells) is added and kept for 30seconds.
  • Wash off gently with little water. 
  • Then, 95% of ethyl alcohol is added and kept for 30 seconds (time limit is important)
  • Then, counter stain using Saffranin. 
  • Wash off with water gently, air dry and view under microscope.
Note : 
  • Gram positive's ---> Stain purple
  • Gram negative ---> Pink 
  • Wash the stain only using distilled water,  that too very gently for a maximum of 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Add ethyl alcohol only for 30 seconds because gram positive may become negative due to degradation of peptidoglycan layer. 
Negative staining : 
  • Cells appear in dark black background as transparent bodies. (It looks so beautiful) 
Procedure : 
  • Place 2 to 3 drops of Indian ink (nigrosin) over a clean slide.
  • Add loop of culture to it and mix well. 
  • Smear the mixture with another slide as you do blood smearing. (refer for blood smearing procedure  picture here
  • Air dry the slide and view under microscope. 
:) With these colorful stains, my lovely valentine's lab came to a pleasant end. I completed my staining perfectly with out errors :) There was an excellent chemistry between my microbes and myself.  :P They proposed me love as I looked into them under microscope. :) :P :P 

Happy night! Tata.. gonna read about Green greeny algae for tomorrow's test. :) bye.......!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Everything fine!

"Acting in good faith", this becomes more difficult, when we grow older day by day! Even for a silly thing, we start worrying. We start crying! 
But, in those days, when we were a kid??? Everything was felt as a blossom, even  it was a thorn! 
How innocent she is!
Sweet childhood! 

Some sweet moments of my child hood which I miss a lot now : 
1) My favorite snack ---> Slate pencil :P (Yummy)
2) My favorite English songs ---> Twinkle twinkle little star.., Baa Baa black sheep! ( a long list of nursery rhymes ) 
3) My favorite time pass ---> Kitchen set & gossiping about back bench girl's new water bottle! :) 
4) My favorite TV shows : Tom & Jerry , Baby looney tunes, The mask! :) 
5) Most Sad situation : Getting punishment ( standing on the bench )  for talking in the class room! :(((( 
6) Happiest moments : Getting a "SHAKTI MAAN" sticker - free with Parle-G biscuit. :))))
The list continues! Everything was fine and happy those days! No worries! 
Everything is happiness & fun for the kids because they don't know the seriousness of anything; 
"Ignorance gives happiness & the attitude of "ACTING IN GOOD FAITH" to children , most times. Due to the ignorance, they look at everything wearing a positive - green goggles. 

An instance for the ignorance of my childhood : 

Those days, I used to play with my grandpa with my kitchen set. He used to construct a little cradle for me using some clothes, and I used to sing lullabies for my sweet  "MARIPOO" ( My little girl doll's name) to sleep in that cloth cradle. I used to play  , and sleep near him, daily. Everyday morning, he used to take me to a shop near my home for buying chocolates (for me) & halwa (for him). I remember, we had never paid money to that shopkeeper, instead my grandpa used to say, " collect the money from my son (i.e., my dad)". 
I never had a walk with my grandpa during those times, yes, he used to carry me in his shoulders! 

As usual, that night too, I slept near my grandpa. Morning, by 4a.m, dad woke up me saying " Grandpa had gone to meet God, you come and sleep in my room!!!!". Not knowing that grandpa was dead, I went and slept in dad's room! The next morning when I woke up,  bedroom was full of relatives who came for the funeral of grandpa! I was wondering " Why a lots of people around my bed??!!" They didn't ask me to get ready for school saying that grandpa was going to meet God and i need not go to school that day! 
Not feeling the sadness that I'm gonna miss him, I started shouting " Haiyaaa jolly, leave leave, school leave!" 

But, I'm not that ignorant now and I worry remembering my childhood days with my grandpa :(  I miss him a lot! :( 

Child hood... The most pleasant part of life, with no hard feelings, no embarrassments, no regrets, no betrayals..., but, full of fun! 

 Let me add an instance to the list of worries of these days ---> the greatest worry ---> ASSIGNMENTS 

Tata.. gonna do my assignments! good night! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thanks "Boys!!!"

(Dedicated to the five star guys of my class! :P :P)

 The department which is isolated   from all the departments! The department which smells like a hospital! The department which sounds like a jungle! The department is "BIOTECH" department. We are isolated from the whole college!  The reason is we handle lots of microbes in our lab; To avoid infection to other department students, our department is separated and placed far away from the college at a corner inside forest! All other department students from our college, use to comment on us as " STUDENTS OF JUNGLE" :P The department has lots of butterflies! ( I mean the students)

I'm one such butterfly from the jungle! Still I didn't come to the point. Let me start with, like this "girl dominant  department!". Ya, girls dominate here in biotech. In our college we have only 30 seats for biotech. Out of 30, in our batch, 25 are girls. Only the remaining 5 are guys. 

But the fun we have with their presence is unlimited! These five are too good and childish! I didn't say this, every lecturer utters these words seeing their mischievous acts. They fight for pen, they strike for fun! We, girls always sink into our books; only because of these five, we have time to smile, time to enjoy! At times , we, girls start fighting among ourselves.On a day, we had some misunderstanding among us. These guys planned and gave a talk on "UNITY" in one of our class to unite us. ( So responsible) 

What I'm trying to say is: 
I'm sure of a thing. Girls can read, score more marks, can get placed well in a company, can be the topper academically. But, girls can't crack funny interesting jokes like guys; girls can't bunk like guys, girls can't be much innovative like guys! ( It's only my view) 

I'm not lying or overstating the boys! But, it's the fact. A whole class of girls, oh... I can't even imagine a classroom full of girls. I'm damn sure, that class would be a boring one, with out any jokes, comments on the lectures (as well as the lecturers :P ) With out guys, there won't be any funny doubts. 

I could narrate a funny doubt asked by one of my classmate - a guy. 

" Mam was seriously explaining about the maintenance of ASEPTIC CONDITION  in laminar hood. She was saying, you should not talk or laugh sitting in front of the hood, you should not touch your face, shirt or anything else, your hands must be clean,  if you don't follow this, your culture would get contaminated. We, girls were seriously listening to her.
 But, one of those five, cracked out with a question like this " Mam, I have a doubt!!". 

Mam got exited and asked him " YES" with happiness to clear his doubt! 

We were also very eager to listen to his question in a serious mood.

He came out, "  what I must do, if i feel itchy at my nose suddenly while working in the hood, what I must do? whether to take care of the itchy nose or to do with the experiment !!???!!!? "

Suddenly, the whole class burst into laughter! (including mam)

But he was so serious even after that, he again asked " explain me mam?!!!" 

Mam managed to control her laughter and started explaining " If you feel itchy , put down your lab tools in the hood, get away from the hood area, then, comfort your nose :P , wash your hands and come back to work , okay? clear now!? " 

He was serious even after this, and said "okay mam, thanks!" 

Why I narrated this is, A girl can never ask such interesting ( funny) questions (but most serious doubts), she can't make people laugh as a guy can!

Girls are more serious, most times! But guys, the Viceversa!
My classes, they are going good & happy only because of such funny, interesting questions!

Thanks to all such guys who are making the classes interesting and for easing our strain. Thank you!
A sincere thanks to all the boys for teaching girls to smile, rescuing them out of the well of books! 

Gonna study, :P  Tata....!!! BYE BYE!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It worked! Problem solved!

Veeeeeee... It worked , it worked!!! My streaks were perfect this time! As I mentioned in my previous posts (My streaks) & Isolated I loved it! , we didn't get a better result for our streaking experiment. Our agar plates were torn! The reason we guessed for the failure was insufficient agar amount. We used 1.8g/100ml agar concentration.

This time , we rectified and increased our concentration of agar to 2.5g/100ml. We used SPECTRUM agar. For this brand of agar, 2.5g/100ml worked well for streaking. My streaks didn't tear my plates. :))))) I'm sooooooo happy that I streaked my plates too good. When I tried streaking my petri plates for the first time, I was little bit afraid that I couldn't do well. But, this time , I did a good job. Sure to get isolated colonies of my microbes.

An Agar recipe! :P
My lab hours are too good like this colorful recipe!
Image courtesy:

Cultures we streaked :
1) Escherchia coli
2) Lacto bacillus
3) A mixed microbial sample

I enjoyed the lab to the core. Every time , when I learn something new, I feel proud of myself that I know something better and good. Eagerly waiting for my next lab class. Happy to have kind lecturers around me!

Thanks to "everyone" who teaches me something new, who patiently answers my SILLY questions, who scolds me for my mistakes.

Every one, by this word  "everyone" I mean :
* My lecturers ( I learn most, by lending my ears to them )
* My friends ( they help me a lot with my doubts )
* Lab technicians ( they help me in operating and understanding many things around me in my lab)

Tomorrow I have internal assessment exams :) Gonna learn for that ! Tata...!! bye bye...!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sulphate ions!

I always love the way my mam teaches me. Today we did "Estimation of Sulphate ions by nephlometry".
Mam started with a question "Why to estimate sulphate ion?". The question is so simple. But., as usual most members of the class blinked. Here we go and get to know why? :

Estimation of sulphate ions is important for two  reasons:
1) Sulphate ions causes SCALING in boilers, fermenters etc.,
2) Must be in a limited amount in drinking water.


To determine the amount of sulphate ions present in the given sample.

Sulphates occur in water naturally as a result of leaching from gypsum and other common minerals. In addition, sulphate may be added to water by waste water treatment plant. The presence of sulphate is limited to 250ppm. Sulphate ions are precipitated as various sulphate crystal in acid medium. Light scattered by the solution is proportional to the concentration of sulphate ions which is measured in a nephlo turbidity meter.

Barium chloride + Sulphate ---> Barium sulphate + 2 chlorine

Reagents :

1) Anhydrous sodium sulphate :
148mg of sodium sulphate was dissolved in 100ml of distilled water. (100ml contains 100mg of sulphate)

2) Conditioning reagent

10ml of stock solution was pipetted out into a 100ml of standard measuring flask and made upto the mark.
2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ml of working standard solution was pipetted and made upto 20ml with distilled water. 1ml
of conditioning reagent was added and 0.1g of barium chloride was added. The mixture was stirred using magnetic stirrer for a minute. The nephlometer was standardised with sodium sulphate solution. The unknown solution was prepared on the same way and Nephlo Turbidity Units were measured.

A calibration graph was drawn with concentration in x-axis and NTU in y-axis. The concentration of sulphate ions present in the given sample was determined from the graph.

Tabulation : 

Volume of working standard (ml)
Volume of water added (ml)
Concentration of sulphate ions (micro grams)
Volume of conditioning reagent added
Amount of  barium chloride added (mg)




Unknown 20ml
(tap water)

 Calculation : 

Stock standard: 100ml contains 100mg of sulphate ions.
Working standard: (1 in 10 dilution)
1ml contains 0.1mg of sulphate.
2ml ---> 200 micrograms
4ml ---> 400 micrograms
6ml ---> 600 micrograms
8ml ---> 800 micrograms
10ml --> 1000 micrograms


A Graph was plotted with the above readings and the Concentration of sulphate in the tap water was found to be 760 micrograms / 20 ml 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Isolated!!! I loved it!!

   When your isolated from people, you will feel bad. But., I'm happy with isolation :D. Yeah., don't wonder!
Quadrant Continuous
I did STREAKING in my lab as I mentioned in my yesterday's lab (MY STREAKS). I went to my incubator and checked for the growth. I streaked  E.coli & Lacto bacillus. I thought my streaking was too bad to get isolated colonies. But., to my surprise I got isolated colonies. Showed my plates with enthu to mam.
She said, " mm good, you got isolated colonies".
I felt too happy.

What I know about streaking :

Purpose of streaking : 
Why to Streak?

1) To get isolated colonies. ( mostly bacteria )
2) To check the presence of microbes in a sample ( sometimes)


1) Quadrant streaking: The plate is divided into 4 quadrants and streaking is done.
2) Continuous streaking: Continuous streak made from top to bottom.

As I mentioned we are going to do streaking with 2g/100ml and 2.5g/100ml agar in  next lab. My microbiology lab , I love it the most. Gonna experiment !! Love you my teachers.

Quadrant discontinuous

Continuous streaks