Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thanks "Boys!!!"

(Dedicated to the five star guys of my class! :P :P)

 The department which is isolated   from all the departments! The department which smells like a hospital! The department which sounds like a jungle! The department is "BIOTECH" department. We are isolated from the whole college!  The reason is we handle lots of microbes in our lab; To avoid infection to other department students, our department is separated and placed far away from the college at a corner inside forest! All other department students from our college, use to comment on us as " STUDENTS OF JUNGLE" :P The department has lots of butterflies! ( I mean the students)

I'm one such butterfly from the jungle! Still I didn't come to the point. Let me start with, like this "girl dominant  department!". Ya, girls dominate here in biotech. In our college we have only 30 seats for biotech. Out of 30, in our batch, 25 are girls. Only the remaining 5 are guys. 

But the fun we have with their presence is unlimited! These five are too good and childish! I didn't say this, every lecturer utters these words seeing their mischievous acts. They fight for pen, they strike for fun! We, girls always sink into our books; only because of these five, we have time to smile, time to enjoy! At times , we, girls start fighting among ourselves.On a day, we had some misunderstanding among us. These guys planned and gave a talk on "UNITY" in one of our class to unite us. ( So responsible) 

What I'm trying to say is: 
I'm sure of a thing. Girls can read, score more marks, can get placed well in a company, can be the topper academically. But, girls can't crack funny interesting jokes like guys; girls can't bunk like guys, girls can't be much innovative like guys! ( It's only my view) 

I'm not lying or overstating the boys! But, it's the fact. A whole class of girls, oh... I can't even imagine a classroom full of girls. I'm damn sure, that class would be a boring one, with out any jokes, comments on the lectures (as well as the lecturers :P ) With out guys, there won't be any funny doubts. 

I could narrate a funny doubt asked by one of my classmate - a guy. 

" Mam was seriously explaining about the maintenance of ASEPTIC CONDITION  in laminar hood. She was saying, you should not talk or laugh sitting in front of the hood, you should not touch your face, shirt or anything else, your hands must be clean,  if you don't follow this, your culture would get contaminated. We, girls were seriously listening to her.
 But, one of those five, cracked out with a question like this " Mam, I have a doubt!!". 

Mam got exited and asked him " YES" with happiness to clear his doubt! 

We were also very eager to listen to his question in a serious mood.

He came out, "  what I must do, if i feel itchy at my nose suddenly while working in the hood, what I must do? whether to take care of the itchy nose or to do with the experiment !!???!!!? "

Suddenly, the whole class burst into laughter! (including mam)

But he was so serious even after that, he again asked " explain me mam?!!!" 

Mam managed to control her laughter and started explaining " If you feel itchy , put down your lab tools in the hood, get away from the hood area, then, comfort your nose :P , wash your hands and come back to work , okay? clear now!? " 

He was serious even after this, and said "okay mam, thanks!" 

Why I narrated this is, A girl can never ask such interesting ( funny) questions (but most serious doubts), she can't make people laugh as a guy can!

Girls are more serious, most times! But guys, the Viceversa!
My classes, they are going good & happy only because of such funny, interesting questions!

Thanks to all such guys who are making the classes interesting and for easing our strain. Thank you!
A sincere thanks to all the boys for teaching girls to smile, rescuing them out of the well of books! 

Gonna study, :P  Tata....!!! BYE BYE!!!


  1. in my masters class also , we had more girls than guys(only 3 boys and 12 girls!!)...
    but the guys in our class were no fun!!

  2. :) may be, we are so lucky to have these guys! :)