Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Isolated!!! I loved it!!

   When your isolated from people, you will feel bad. But., I'm happy with isolation :D. Yeah., don't wonder!
Quadrant Continuous
I did STREAKING in my lab as I mentioned in my yesterday's lab (MY STREAKS). I went to my incubator and checked for the growth. I streaked  E.coli & Lacto bacillus. I thought my streaking was too bad to get isolated colonies. But., to my surprise I got isolated colonies. Showed my plates with enthu to mam.
She said, " mm good, you got isolated colonies".
I felt too happy.

What I know about streaking :

Purpose of streaking : 
Why to Streak?

1) To get isolated colonies. ( mostly bacteria )
2) To check the presence of microbes in a sample ( sometimes)


1) Quadrant streaking: The plate is divided into 4 quadrants and streaking is done.
2) Continuous streaking: Continuous streak made from top to bottom.

As I mentioned we are going to do streaking with 2g/100ml and 2.5g/100ml agar in  next lab. My microbiology lab , I love it the most. Gonna experiment !! Love you my teachers.

Quadrant discontinuous

Continuous streaks


  1. Just came here through some random cliks and I'm excited after browsing through. I appreciate your passion to learn and your attitude. Keep going with the same zeal and one day the world will honor you for all that you have achieved.

    1. Thanks a lot Mr.Leo. I love learning & experimenting. Just started now only with basics. A long way to go. Guide me and give suggestions. Happy to hear from you :)