Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preserving my buddies!

How cool it would be if we have an easy technique for preserving our friendship! No fights and breakups for silly reasons. No betrayals, nothing would go wrong then. But, unfortunately we don't have any such easy technique.  The technique is too hard for most people.

To preserve your friendship,
  1. Guide your friend to a right path when HE/SHE goes wrong.
  2. Stay with them even when HE/SHE has tough times.
  3. Never feel jealous on your friend's victory! ( this is a much important thing to follow, but, most times, the evil part of us tend to be jealous , but, we won't show this jealousy feel  out )
  4. Money - this sometimes could create a problem - so, have to be careful!
"Love your friends as you love love yourself!" :P    This would probably preserve your friendship to the maximum. 
But, I need not follow any of the above mentioned techniques to preserve my friendship with my friends :)
I'm much lucky that my friends would never leave me alone, even if I torture and kill them :P
I mean, my friends are "MICROBES". :P
 I could sense , how you feel now, anyways, try to tolerate with me.Okay, let me come to the point, how I will preserve my friends?  (microbes)  We experimented  two techniques today in our Microbio lab! ( but we learnt 3 in theory, as there was no time, we did only 2, the rest we will do in our next lab )

The techniques were :

  • Stab culture technique
    Stab culture
  • glycerol stock in liquid Nitrogen
  • lyophilization ( freeze drying) 
Stab culture : 
  • LB (Luria-Bertani) Agar was prepared and sterilized (autoclaved)
  • The solidified agar was melt before use in microwave oven.
  • The medium was poured into test tubes (about 1/4th) and it was allowed to solidify.
  • A loop full of culture to be preserved was taken and it was poked into the solidified agar tubes. 
  • Then, the tubes were incubated overnight. 
  • After the incubation, the tubes can be refrigerated for future usage.   
Glycerol Stock in liquid nitrogen : 
  • Sterilized (autoclaved) eppendorfs were taken.
  • To each of the eppendorf, 600 microliters of glycerol and 400 microliters of culture was added and mixed well.
  • The eppendorfs were left in dry ice bath until they got frozen and then stored in deep freezers or under liquid nitrogen for further use.
Lyophilisation - I will explain this in next post after my next microbio lab. 

:) I'm happy about this simple methods for preserving my little tiny micro friends. :) :) Love you friends! 
Tata...!! Good night! Take care.


  1. How cool it would be if a stab culture, glycerol stock or lyophilization could preserv friendships too! :)

  2. Nice Post!
    "my friends are "MICROBES"" should lock u in microbio lab...:P

  3. :P :P Lab has good air conditioners :) no probs :P