Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The "F" word --> Fashion???

Sorry, If it hurts you.
 We love, no, we are eager and thrilled to do things which could hurt ourselves or others. For instance, the smokers and drunkards never mind about the warning statements over the labels.

Why i explained this instance? because, Dictionary says about "the F word" --> "it is a rude and offensive word which you should avoid using!" ; But, most people use this "F" word as a style or fashion to express their anger!

It's too rude to use this "F" word! but, still people do.

I use to read only tamil books most times. English, I read only in my text books and newspapers. Recently, I found all my friends reading a story book which had " Love.Corruption.Ambition" as the main theme. The book was full of this "F" word. I felt a bit different to read that word again and again. But, managed to finish the book.  I had come across this "f" word, many times before reading that book too.

When I heard this word for the first time i referred dictionary! Whenever, a person uses this word, i don't know why, my impression over that person goes down, though I know they are not bad.

I feel awkward to hear this "F" word!  I believe, "Even if one wants to scold  or to express his/her hard feel to someone, one must not use such rude words" 
 After all, we won't like people to use such words to scold us. Why to express our anger , in such a rude way? May be, in books, while narrating the hardness of the situation, it's "okay". But, in life?

Just scold using words which are not that rude! You may find this post as a "silly one". Just, it's my opinion, to have a better bonding with fellow humans. "Never be too rude"(even with your enemy)! 


  1. it has become fashion to use english bad words than our own mother tongue !
    it gives us a style people feel...

  2. mm. Language doesn't matter. I feel,it's better to avoid rude words in any language.