Monday, February 13, 2012

Everything fine!

"Acting in good faith", this becomes more difficult, when we grow older day by day! Even for a silly thing, we start worrying. We start crying! 
But, in those days, when we were a kid??? Everything was felt as a blossom, even  it was a thorn! 
How innocent she is!
Sweet childhood! 

Some sweet moments of my child hood which I miss a lot now : 
1) My favorite snack ---> Slate pencil :P (Yummy)
2) My favorite English songs ---> Twinkle twinkle little star.., Baa Baa black sheep! ( a long list of nursery rhymes ) 
3) My favorite time pass ---> Kitchen set & gossiping about back bench girl's new water bottle! :) 
4) My favorite TV shows : Tom & Jerry , Baby looney tunes, The mask! :) 
5) Most Sad situation : Getting punishment ( standing on the bench )  for talking in the class room! :(((( 
6) Happiest moments : Getting a "SHAKTI MAAN" sticker - free with Parle-G biscuit. :))))
The list continues! Everything was fine and happy those days! No worries! 
Everything is happiness & fun for the kids because they don't know the seriousness of anything; 
"Ignorance gives happiness & the attitude of "ACTING IN GOOD FAITH" to children , most times. Due to the ignorance, they look at everything wearing a positive - green goggles. 

An instance for the ignorance of my childhood : 

Those days, I used to play with my grandpa with my kitchen set. He used to construct a little cradle for me using some clothes, and I used to sing lullabies for my sweet  "MARIPOO" ( My little girl doll's name) to sleep in that cloth cradle. I used to play  , and sleep near him, daily. Everyday morning, he used to take me to a shop near my home for buying chocolates (for me) & halwa (for him). I remember, we had never paid money to that shopkeeper, instead my grandpa used to say, " collect the money from my son (i.e., my dad)". 
I never had a walk with my grandpa during those times, yes, he used to carry me in his shoulders! 

As usual, that night too, I slept near my grandpa. Morning, by 4a.m, dad woke up me saying " Grandpa had gone to meet God, you come and sleep in my room!!!!". Not knowing that grandpa was dead, I went and slept in dad's room! The next morning when I woke up,  bedroom was full of relatives who came for the funeral of grandpa! I was wondering " Why a lots of people around my bed??!!" They didn't ask me to get ready for school saying that grandpa was going to meet God and i need not go to school that day! 
Not feeling the sadness that I'm gonna miss him, I started shouting " Haiyaaa jolly, leave leave, school leave!" 

But, I'm not that ignorant now and I worry remembering my childhood days with my grandpa :(  I miss him a lot! :( 

Child hood... The most pleasant part of life, with no hard feelings, no embarrassments, no regrets, no betrayals..., but, full of fun! 

 Let me add an instance to the list of worries of these days ---> the greatest worry ---> ASSIGNMENTS 

Tata.. gonna do my assignments! good night! 

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