Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It worked! Problem solved!

Veeeeeee... It worked , it worked!!! My streaks were perfect this time! As I mentioned in my previous posts (My streaks) & Isolated I loved it! , we didn't get a better result for our streaking experiment. Our agar plates were torn! The reason we guessed for the failure was insufficient agar amount. We used 1.8g/100ml agar concentration.

This time , we rectified and increased our concentration of agar to 2.5g/100ml. We used SPECTRUM agar. For this brand of agar, 2.5g/100ml worked well for streaking. My streaks didn't tear my plates. :))))) I'm sooooooo happy that I streaked my plates too good. When I tried streaking my petri plates for the first time, I was little bit afraid that I couldn't do well. But, this time , I did a good job. Sure to get isolated colonies of my microbes.

An Agar recipe! :P
My lab hours are too good like this colorful recipe!
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Cultures we streaked :
1) Escherchia coli
2) Lacto bacillus
3) A mixed microbial sample

I enjoyed the lab to the core. Every time , when I learn something new, I feel proud of myself that I know something better and good. Eagerly waiting for my next lab class. Happy to have kind lecturers around me!

Thanks to "everyone" who teaches me something new, who patiently answers my SILLY questions, who scolds me for my mistakes.

Every one, by this word  "everyone" I mean :
* My lecturers ( I learn most, by lending my ears to them )
* My friends ( they help me a lot with my doubts )
* Lab technicians ( they help me in operating and understanding many things around me in my lab)

Tomorrow I have internal assessment exams :) Gonna learn for that ! Tata...!! bye bye...!!


  1. Looks like you are having fun with science there .. good going