Thursday, June 14, 2012

Salacia oblonga (Ponkoranti) and Diabetes

Salacia oblonga: (S.oblonga)
Salacia oblonga

Alternate Names:

English : Salacia
Kannada : Ekanayakam

Malayalam : Ponkoranti, Koranti
Tamil : Ponkoranti
Sanskrit : Vairi, pitika
Telugu : Anukudu cettu
Sinhalese : Himbutu, Kothalahimbutu

This is a woody plant which is found predominantly in India and Srilanka. It is widely used in treatment of diabetes. It is found efficient in reducing blood sugar.

Parts used: Barks and roots.

Mode of Action of S.oblonga Extract:
Our body naturally has alpha-glucosidase enzyme which break downs oligosachcharides into monosachcharides like glucose. The extract from S.oblonga binds to this enzyme and inhibits it. Because of this inhibition, glucose is not released into the blood stream. Thus, blood glucose is maintained.

This can be effectively used in the case of Type 2 diabetes.

Constituents found as anti alpha glucosidases were: Salicinol and kotalanol

How to consume?
Patients can take 3 to 6 grams per day.
It is available in powder form and you can mix it with hot water and take; you can mix it with your food also. 

In Tamil Nadu (India), my dad use to get it in powder form from

Sri Harshini Herbals,
113, T.P.K road,
near Maalai murasu,
Madurai - 625 001.

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