Monday, June 11, 2012

A sweet villan! Sugar!

Today I'm gonna share something regarding the world's most popular, wide spread disease, Diabetes
the worst  disease  which people refer as - "sugar!" :( :(
To be more technical, Diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes mellitus - "sugar
Types of Diabetes:
Type1: Insulin ( a hormone, regulating carbohydrate balance in body) producing ability of Beta cells of Pancreas is affected. This leads to increase of blood glucose.
Type2: In this type, insulin is available in our body, but, the cells fail to respond to insulin. (insulin resistance)
Gestational: Pregnant women who never had diabetes before, develops diabetes during time of pregnancy.

My dad is also suffering from diabetes :( I never worried about this diabetes when my dad was keeping good health. Suddenly, when one day, my dad said after a medical check up, "I got sugar!", I started crying. I felt so bad. :( :'( My dad goes for morning walk daily, he even don't take non vegetarian much, he takes very rare. He has a planned good diet! 
But, how? How he got diabetes?

My dad  didn't believe, when his doctor told him that he was diabetic. He asked his doctor to go for a check up again because he was very regular and cautious about what he eats. And also, he does exercises.
The doctor too checked up again with his instant blood glucose testing kit and confirmed that my dad was diabetic. :( :(

The reason that doctor told my dad for his disease was "Tension", " work stress"! :( :(
Oh, God, you give diabetes even due to stress? :(

I felt so bad that day when my dad said that he was diabetic. But, he consoled me saying, nowadays every one is suffering from sugar, you don't worry, I can bring it back under control.

And as he said, he brought it under control! Now, his blood sugar is under control :) :D Not with tablets. But by taking some preparations from medicinal plants. Let me explain you about those plants in my next post.

Tata.. Bye.. Wish you a "sugar free" life with loads of smile!
Keep smiling :) :D 


  1. Dear Kanmani,
    Don't worry too much about diabetes. My husband has been successfully managing it for the last 35 years! If you take precautions in the initial stages it is manageable with exercise and dieting. Please co-operate with your dad to manage it. Family support is very essential.
    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you mam. Sure, we support our dad always.

  3. Hi Kanmani..

    As the above poster said Diabetes is easily manageable with healthy diet and regular exercise. But one needs to be persistent and disciplined about it.

    Remember Diabetes in shorter term is harmless but in the long run its a killer. You must fight it with all your might as early as possible.