Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pepper - Antimicrobial effect


I was reading for starting a project in microbiology. But, I didn't start with. Here I had shared something which I referred and found useful. This is a post with basic ideas regarding projects so far done with pepper by various scholars and some tips for effective usage of pepper in day to day life to fight against microbes.

We all use pepper, chilli, onion etc in our recipes. You know, they give you strength to fight against microbes?

Pepper is found to be effective against Gram positive bacteria. It affects the cell membrane of the bacteria and destroys it (Mode of action)

Projects carried out so far: (not by me - referred online)

1) Using "disc diffusion method" the zone of inhibition of the crude extract of Piper nigrum ( black pepper) and various other types of pepper were determined on various test species of bacteria.

2) Various combinations such as mixture of "pepper, turmeric, honey" were tested using disc diffusion in certain projects.

There may be some other researches too, which I might not have noticed. In the above said projects, the MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) of pepper extracts were also estimated.

A sample of "Disc Diffusion plate"
Short notes over the projects: 

How to extract pepper?
The pepper grains were extracted using ethanol, methanol, dichloromethane by grinding.

Procedure followed:
Agar plates were used for carrying out disc diffusion method. Microbes were inoculated as if it will form "lawn" growth. Filter paper may be used as discs after punching it as small round shaped ones with punching machine. After dipping the sterile discs prepared in the crude extract, it is placed over the inoculated plates and the plates were incubated overnight. The next day the plates were referred for "zone of inhibition"

Similar procedure of disc diffusion must be followed for any available antibiotic such as penicillin or ampicillin or any other and it is taken as control or  used for comparison.

How we can use pepper daily for avoiding infections?

Daily we can use pepper in our recipes which will give you good immunity as it destroys harmful microbes as it passes through your food pipe to stomach.
If you don't use pepper regularly in your recipe, take 3 to 4 pepper seeds daily. Just put the seeds in your mouth, chew, have a glass of water. This will also help you to fight against common bacterial infections.
1) Only three to four seeds can be consumed per day, because, pepper also has little cancerous effect (but, very little, don't get afraid).  After all we know, "Too much of anything is good for nothing".
2) And, also don't consume pepper or pepper containing recipes, when you are taking a course of medicine, ( I mean Tablets or syrups) because, pepper is found to inhibit the effect of medicines you consume. 
Pepper also has Anti-toxic effects.

Tata.. Bye..! Wish you loads of smile and good health!