Saturday, June 30, 2012

College Reopening!


This is for my Cute, chweet Friends :)

The first day of month! The month in which I was born. My birthday is coming :) A special thing about this month is, I'm gonna celebrate my birthday after 7 years! That too with friends in hostel! :)

College is reopening tomorrow!  I was a day scholar for the past two years! Now, gonna join in hostel :)
I'm happy about it! Kanmani is in third year of technical education now, Kanmani (biotechnology) 3rd year :)

I'm very much exited in getting back to college tomorrow!

Tomorrow is very special!
Why because,
* The first day of third year!
* College got a new principal , I don't know, whether this change of principal will bring out :) or :( or :'(
But, for now :D
* Classes start only by 11 a.m :)  till 11 :D fun with friends :)
* From this year, we don't have Mathematics :) :D
* From this year, Our HOD is taking gonna take care of us :) He is gonna come for Molecular Biology.
In the 3rd sem, Cell biology was my favorite, then 4th semester - Microbiology, And now, in this sem, it will be Molecular Biology :) :) :)
* I'm gonna join in Hostel this year! :)
But, the sadder part of joining hostel is Mobile phone is not allowed, Facebook & Twitter are blocked :( 
To my goodness, they didn't block Blogs and Indiblogger :)

Results for the previous sem is not out still :( I'm very much worried about it.

A final note to my class mates:
Get to know something about Molecular biology, because, HOD sir may ask us tomorrow, "What is molecular Biology?"
Here you read something:
Molecular Biology deals at molecular level of cellular activities. We will learn about, Proteins, DNA, Blotting,  PCR, Arrays etc., I believe. You can find all this in Wikipedia :P

Blotting: It's searching for a specific sequence in DNA sample.
PCR: PCR allows a single DNA sequence to be copied (millions of times), or altered in predetermined ways.
Arrays: A DNA array is a collection of spots attached to a solid support such as a microscope slide where each spot contains one or more single-stranded DNA oligonucleotide fragment

So, if we read something, we can answer him better. We need not "Sodhappify"( go wrong) the first day itself :P.
All the best :)

The conclusion of this post is "Nothing" I'm leaving to College with full smile on duty!
Wish you, A HAPPY JULY!
Tata :) :)


  1. Enjoy the fun the days of college. Exciting days ahead for you! Good luck for the forthcoming years ahead :)

  2. Dear kanmani,
    Wishing you all success in your 3rd year and life full of fun and happiness!
    Convey my wishes to your friends also!

    1. Thank you ma. Sure, I'l convey. Thanks for your blessings.