Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fighting the Sweet villan Sugar!

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Nowadays, I'm very much interested in reading something new regarding my subject, "Biotechnology".
People say, "oh Kanmani, you are bright student, then why you chose Biotechnology? It has no scope. You won't earn better. You might have chosen ECE, CSC.. something like that..." But, I'm loving my subject. Biotechnology is the branch where you can survive only when you are much interested. You can earn only when you work with interest and thirst to find something new. I'm thirsty nowadays, reading a lot for beginning with a project. But, I'm finding it much difficult to organize and start with. I'm getting hundreds of ideas, but, I find some of them silly, I find  some of them  complicated, I find  some of them  impossible! But, still, with hope in myself and interest in the subject, I'm continuing. I'm reading daily some info regarding researches. My dream is to  find something new and publish an article in a high impact journal. Okay, let's stop here with my story, and go with the main matter.

Abelmoschus esculentus
Today am gonna share something about the medicinal plants used in treatment of diabetes. These plants are used by many Diabetic patients in South India. My dad is also using preparations from these plants for controlling his blood glucose. Here, I'm just sharing the plants which I came to know.

The below mentioned three plants are found to reduce the blood glucose level. 
Cassia auriculata

Note: The information provided here, may not be "accurate". But, I take much care to provide you with correct information. I share whatever I read and understood.

Salacia oblonga

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Click here to read about Abelmoschus esculentus

Wish you good time, Have a sugar free life! :))))

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