Saturday, May 12, 2012

Study Holidays! :O

Hello! Wish you good time with loads of smile :) :)

This is a personal post. I can say a page of my diary. You can find my way of learning, my preparations for my semester exam.

I'm in the end of my study holidays! The pleasant days, lazy days. My exams were scheduled initially on 8th may, I started studying on 4th may. I started studying "Unit Operations - Mixing and Agitation" at a speed of about 10,000 rpm :P

But, this university people, I think they were burning at their stomach, seeing me studying. Yes, they postponed the exam to 15th may. Then, who will study after that? I closed the book, started writing story :) :)

Now, the story is going good, but my studies? :( :( very worst :(  Only finished a unit in Unit operations :(
After that didn't touch the books at all. :(

What I do during study holidays?

1) Reading everything, except text book. :D
2) Eating snacks for every half an hour :D :P
3) Sleeping 10p.m to 10a.m
4) Went to exhibition two times :)
5) Writing stories, poems :)

But, Kanmani never worries :) She can manage! :) And, she can score good grade. But how?

My way of learning:

I never read during my study holidays (like most of the students do) But, I manage to score good grades. :)
My friends use to ask me, "Hey Kannu (that's how they call me) you are always online, writing stories, poems, blog posts, but, how you score good?"

The answer is:

1) I enjoy learning
2) I listen to all the lectures with high concentration.
3) I use to prepare for my internal exams. So, just a recall is enough before the exam day.

Study Holidays!
If you wanna score high, don't read like hell. Follow simple steps.

1) Develop interest with your subject (Never develop a bad feeling with your lecturer)
2) Try to lend your ears to your lecturers. Take notes of the lectures ( this will help you a lot, because, you are listening and putting what you understood in simple words)
3) Be cool, never worry about the exam, never prepare for exam sake, while you are reading feel that your reading for gaining knowledge.

Try to visualize. For eg: If your learning about movement of bacteria, imagine a bacteria, imagine as if it's moving in your hands, like it's using its flagella.
This will never get out of your mind, imagine with color, the color will never go out from your mind.

:D :D I shared this imagining as if I'm an expert in education. :P Anyways, you try this techniques. This works well for me. If you feel this as a worst technique :) kindly, don't scold me :)

Bye...! All the best for your exams!


  1. dude its very late for me to learn all these things... many a times I screwed up my exams...
    anyways All The Best :p