Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to start a Project?

I was thinking deeply, that how to spend my semester holidays. Got an idea of doing a mini project in my department. Let me explain you how to start with a project or how i did start. Here we go...

Step 1:
Choose or find out your area of interest. I mean the subject your interested or your favourite subject.
You may wonder, how do i know, I hate all the subjects! But, don't worry. 
Choose the subject you feel more easy than others.

Step 2:
Read research papers online related to your area of interest. Just google and read random stuffs, you will get an idea. There are many research papers available online ( You can try online magazines for latest research trends)

Step 3:
While you were reading, something might have interested you. Read much about that topic. Try to think differently, and frame your own project.

 The above steps would suit perfect if you are a Biotechnology student.

If you find it difficult to start a brand new project, just try to continue the projects which were already done.

Plant Tissue culture in Test tube
I started reading many research papers, but, I found difficult to frame a new project. So, I consulted my professors and now continuing the project of one of seniors. The project is regarding "Pant Tissue Culture".

I'm getting addicted to laboratory nowadays. Working in the laboratory makes me happy! :) :) :D

Now, I'm in my college Computer center :) I came to centre after soaking all the bottles of Plant tissue culture lab in soap solution for decontamination. Have to wait here and go back there, to decontaminate :) :P After decontamination, I'l start working with my professor from tomorrow :)

I got some basic info regarding the project I'm gonna continue. I got project report of my seniors for reading. Reading is lovely, when I'm reading for doing a project :) :P

Reading and discussing with the professor are awesome. I'm happy! :D :) :)
Bye! Bye! Gonna decontaminate the bottles :P :) :D
Wish you loads of smile and happiness :) Cheers!

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