Friday, March 9, 2012

Never AIM!!!?

"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way", Mark Twain said so. ( I googled and caught this :P okay that's not a great problem. What does he mean, that's what important) 

People say, " AIM high!". But, I say, "NEVER AIM". (????!!!)

None can teach me better than my experience. Though my dad, my mom, elders, friends suggest and guide me, what i learn from them, are all not any way better than my experience. 
My class teacher used to say when i was in school, "Learn for knowledge, not for marks, not for placements, not for getting a job, learn with greater interest; when you hear a song, how keen and enjoying it would be for you, enjoy reading the same way". 

:( But, who cared at that time to enjoy with the text books? I hated studying. I read and understood only 75% of the syllabus. As a result got a bit low score in HSE. 
Then, dad put me in B.Tech(bio tech). I didn't like the course at all. :( But, joined for my dad's words. In most cases, this is what happening. It's too bad, isn't it? 

But, luckily, it didn't go that bad in my case. First year, we didn't have any core papers. We had basic maths, physics, chemistry and some other department papers like engineering mechanics, EEE, etc., I was not that interested with these subjects. Got average score in first year of my course. 

But, the second year.... We entered our department. E.coli, Fungi, virus... oooo... A big gang of friends i got here. I gained much interest from the very first class. I started reading with fun, with interest, with involvement, with the thirst of knowing things. These microbe friends impressed me everyday! 

I didn't read with the intention of getting marks, getting a job or anything else. Just I started loving my subjects. I had fun in learning! Things turned upside down. oh.. I got top score!!!! ( Even i was unable to believe this in the beginning :P ) 

I realized , even when we have no aim, but, interest, we could come up, we could shine in our field of interest; the interest will guide us to the path of excellence! So, never aim at anything, never work for anything, just love whatever you do., that love and interest will take care of the rest.  Am I right?
"Love and interest over your course/subject could serve as a beacon, better than the torch of AIM!"

Just do work with interest, everything will go fine. The advantage of aimless living is "you never get disappointed". 

But, most people suggest to aim at something, to aim at greater things, but, what i feel is this, "Never AIM!". 

:P :P just blabbed my opinion / thought / experience / suggestion ( you take it in any way) 
Wish you a successful, aimless life! Have a good time. 



  1. That's a different outlook and very much true. When I love to do something I go to any extend with it. But when I AIM: I aim at the stars then get distracted, distressed and end up firing in the opposite direction.

  2. ya, we could shine better when we work with interest. Thanks for sharing @ Mr.Leo paw