Friday, March 16, 2012

Haiyoh!!!! Lost my love!

Feeling low, Feeling uninteresting! I started hating you! Is it me??! Is it myself who hate you? 
I loved you these many months, I hugged you tight in my bed when I sleep. How great our days were, when we were together! :( :( But now! I hate you. It's because of , It's all because of me. 

Wondering?! What happened to my love? Mm., as usual., I didn't mention about love between a boy and a girl, but, love between my microbio and me. ( Don't get tensed, I love my subjects that much :P seriously, I love them much) 

"Favorite, lovely, interesting... ", the words which i often used to describe my microbio paper! Now, it became,  "boring, uninteresting, .."  :( :( It's too good to read and experiment with microbe's morphology and metabolisms. But, this classifications....!!!!

 Oh my god, this is too lengthy, even the infinite list of castes in India could be memorized, but not this classification chart! I love reading, but, not memorizing! :( :( 

If the paper is with lots of concepts, mechanisms, procedures and metabolisms... I could easily read and understand, but, this microbio mam, now started teaching, classifications of algae, fungi, bacteria... OW.... "I'm really paavam!" (Self-pitying) :(  

The list is too long, algae has a classification, fungi has a classification, in that subclasses... :( ow.. it's too hard to remember these scientific names. A glance or refreshing before the day of exam would never work out this time, must read daily. Must remember the Binomial nomenclature :(  Loosing my interest :(  

I don't like myself , chating in class hours., I listen to all the lectures, very keen (especially, microbio, my favorite :P don't come here to my home to beat me for i talk about subjects all the time :P ) but, I did chat today :( :P (okay this is too much i feel, chatting in class is not that sad thing)

All is well! Loosing interest. Have to get focused, have to regain the spirit of learning. But, memorizing.. :( I can't, "it is the toughest job in the world to remember the names and classification" I feel. 

And, this may also be due to my weakness " I easily forget names" , even the names of persons. It makes lots of troubles with my friendship" :( :(  I often come up with this question when a meet a person after a gap, "Sorry, what's your name?" :(:( I know, how bad it is, but, i'm unable to remember the names. 

I tried a lot to avoid this, but, none worked well. The tricks i tried which failed : 
1) I use to repeat  the names twice or thrice when i ask for the name of a person for the first time.
2) I use to apologise even before asking a new person's name, I say, "Sorry, I may ask you, your name,once again in the future, i forget names :( sorry, may i know your name please?" 

This is too bad, I know, but, don't know why, I have this peculiar weakness.

The lengthy conversations which I made with a person a long back, would be in my mind, but, the name of that person alone, troubles me a lot! I forget names alone! Could call this as name-O-phobia? :( :( 

Please? suggest me a technique to remember names?? 
Have a great time. Keep smiling. 


  1. I have trouble remembering names too.
    Here's a tip (and this is a little mean): I try to associate the name with an obvious character/physical feature or flaw.

    So Joe would be "Fat Joe" or Mary would be "Hairy Mary". Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much :) :) I'l try this technique :)