Sunday, November 25, 2012

MAGNETS - a cure for CANCER!

Cancer!As you may know,  cancer is uncontrolled multiplication of cells. There are several reasons for this uncontrolled multiplication of  cells like mutations due to UV exposure or exposure to certain chemicals, even genetic defects, excessive alcohol consumption or smoking (kindly, avoid smoking or alcohol consumption). Still there are several reasons you could quote as "cancer causing".

There are different types of cancer based on the part of the body affected like lung cancer, lung cancer, blood cancer etc.,

Huge number of people all over the world are suffering from cancer, it's a deadly disease, it has no preventive measures and moreover, there is no real cure for cancer, only treatment methods are available!

Here, we are going to discuss about the possibility of using magnets in curing cancer.

When I read about usage of super magnets in treating breast cancer just by hanging the super magnet in a necklace which hangs over the breast of the patients (!), wow, how great this is! With out undergoing any painful surgeries for removing the breasts , how great this! Just by hanging a super magnet around your neck, you could treat your cancer! This is based on magnetic spirals, let us discuss this here,

Magnetic spirals!

When a super magnet is hung around your neck, it influences the whole body. This is based on the concept of "spirals" - Spirals are found through out the universe, from stars to DNA!

The basics behind this is, cancer cells have different electromagnetic potential and the healthy cells have different electromagnetic potential!

The basics is that the spirals produced by the magnets and the cancer cells are in different scales.

Super magnets produce spirals on large scale than the cancer cells. This spirals produced by the super magnets dominates the spirals produced by the cancer cells and at the end, it kills the cancer cells.

It is amazing, isn't it???


Then, another method, by combining nanotechnology and magnet in cancer treatment is also developed recently. Let us discuss that too.

Magnets! Nano particles! Iron oxide!

How magnets could be used?

The cell surface has receptors, which binds specifically with signalling molecules. Scientists had used iron oxide as a signalling molecule.

These iron oxide particles were made to bind specifically with the receptors on the surface of cancer cells, not with the receptors (particularly called death receptors) on normal cells!

When strong magnetic field is applied, these cancer cells bound with iron oxide come together and this causes apoptosis (cell death)

What is  the advantage of using this method?

This targets only the cancer cells, with out affecting the normal cells. The already existing techniques  causes side effects as it affects the healthy cells also.

I just shared what i understood by reading some papers and articles.
These are the links from where I read and summarized the above post, you could read more here,

The concepts which I explained here may have some errors, but I took much care to provide the correct details.


  1. Kanmani, Good information, Heard of this but how much time will it take for improvement or cure.

  2. As mentioned in this article ( it takes about "4 months" (they had mentioned it) This is in the case of the first method of using magnets.

    The second method of using receptors, is still under research.

  3. thanks for sharing this one...

    and liked your blog title and sub title :)

  4. The details about Neomax magnets stated in the webpage "godlikeproductions" is hard to believe. From my brief search, I can't really find any scientific article discussing about this, so, I will still consider it as an advertisement from a company to promote their product.

    But, the details about using nanoparticles is indeed true. But, this kind of techniques, as far as I know are still in research level and may take some time to come to application.

    You may be interested to know about some recent advances in this field, using nanobubbles to kill cancer cells/ administer some drug to a specific cell.

    This technique cannot be used to directly treat patients with cancer, but has its own applications, which you can read from the article.

    1. I'm not sure about the "godlikeproductions", just I shared what I read and understood.

      The link you provided was very useful in understanding another technique for cancer treatment. And as you said, these techniques I belive still not applied and in future we could expect it to be applied.

      Thanks for sharing :)