Monday, July 2, 2012

Professional Ethics!

Personal and professional ethics are different. Professional ethics vary from one profession to other.
Doctors have different, engineers have different ethics. As a technology student, am having a paper "Professional ethics and human values" in my syllabus.

I wondered,
Is it essential to teach ethics? human values? to an engineering student?

What will you answer to this question? Yes? NO?

If yes, you may justify saying, yes engineers and doctors must have some ethics, human values.
I agree, but, is it essential to teach ? Have it as a separate paper? Yes, it's essential, we must have some ethics and this paper gives an idea like, how to approach a social problem, how to deal with the customers.. so on..

But, i won't answer yes! I will answer "NO"
Ya, Ethics and human values are not something which one can obtain by studying a paper and appearing for an exam. As a doctor, he must be having that values in him, he must be so kind at heart, must not be money minded. As an engineer one must be able to deal polite with his clients or must be able to analyse or think about a problem, he must be able to be responsible and must only invent/ discover harmless products.

But, all this can't be achieved only by studying a paper. One must have these ethics. It's must!

Teaching Human values! Oh God, we are in such a bad situation, basic values like love, caring, sharing, non violence are taught as subject to Engineers and doctors(i'm not sure about medical syllabus) at college level! There is no need to teach this. You must have this values or you must had developed it in the childhood itself? isn't it?

Here, they are teaching  human values with books, theories and laws? :( This means indirectly, engineers are loosing their values? In the beginning, when Engineering was budding in India, Engineers were not taught with these values. But, in the middle, they added this in the syllabus. This means, Engineers were found to have least values, and, after that, to make them aware of "The importance of Human Values", this was added to syllabus?

But, even now, this is not going to help. In this money minded world, only the people who are already having some basic human values will follow these ethics, the others won't. The people who are money minded and who never worry about human values, they will read  this paper and write the exam only for getting a B.E or B.Tech and not for getting human values.

Instead, the ethics and human values of an engineer or doctor can be tested with a personal interview by an expert psychologists panel. After a personal interview, B.E., B.Tech., M.B.B.S or any other professional degree can be issued.(Strictly no written exams - because these people will work out previous year question papers and get through)

Haiyo.. Why am I thinking this much? to this extent? :O

This is just my view. Sorry, if it contradicts your views.

But, after all this, I loved my professional ethics class :)

Okay, bye. Wish you good time!


  1. Yea! Ethics Matter... I support the interview before giving degree.. even a personality test in a live scenario is preferred than a Interview.. Kindly give it a thought! :)
    Very good post friend! :)

    1. Ya, that could be even better. Thanks Christo.