Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm in love!

As a biotechnology student whether I'm taking care of my meals plate or not, I have to take good care of my petriplates. I wash my petriplates better than my meals plate!

Yes, we never autoclave and sterilise our meals plate, but we do for our petriplates! We ( I mean me and my friends) enjoy cleaning and autoclaving our petriplates in our  department media room. And you know, my friends always complaint that I'm never accompanying them in cleaning. Yes, I'll go, wrap my petriplates, put it in autoclave, but I find it very hard to wash!

Always, I do autoclave, but, never wash after the autoclaving, I'll give that easy job to my friends :P I love my petriplates! Yes, I love them a lot.

But, how do I say that I love my petriplates? I love them because I'm always with them. I love them because, even whether I do complex Genetic engineering or simple Microbiology, I always need them!

And the final reason for loving my petriplates is they are so cute, especially, the glass ones! Wow, they are so cute!

And, today I loved them even more looking at the google doodle! Wow, Awesome it was.
For the 161st birthday of Julius Richard Petri - German microbiologist who invented petriplates, google had done this cool doodle. The six plates, each showing the source of the microbe when you place the mouse over it, looked really cool.

And, the best thing I loved was, Wikipedia has updated the information in the page of Julius Richard Petri adding, "google made a doodle for his 161st birthday!"

How fast, I had never noticed previously about this update of Wikipedia on google doodle, just today I noticed it and I was surprised! This is really really awesome. You didn't look at the doodle? Go, check it out, it is "sooper" :)

Love you Petri! <3 :) :P :)