Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be ready to fail, if you wanna be a Bio-technologist!

Fail??? "Oh, come on, you should not say like this", is this what you are feeling, after looking at this title? If so, don't worry, I'm not meaning this in a negative way as you think.

"Everything in life has ups and downs. What about this field of Biotechnology? It's not preferred by many students. Yes, I agree, it is not like the IT field, you can't find a perfect job after completing just your under-graduation, even if you find a job, that won't pay you much. So, obviously, people will go for areas which would give them a bagful of money.

"You think, Biotechnology is worthless then? you say, you won't get paid?", is this your next question?
If so, I'm not saying that.

Biotechnology, here, you can achieve heights only after years of enthusiasm and work in your laboratory. It's not the matter of earning money. This field is for people who want to achieve or discover something which is in your own body, in plants around you  in animals and in all living things around you.

And, now, we came away from our talk on failure. Why I mentioned like, be ready to fail. It's because, you won't succeed in most of your experiments in a single attempt! And, that's why I asked you to be ready.

When we try to clone in our lab, we repeated the ligation step twice, we tried different vectors even. And at last we succeeded, it's not like debugging a  C or C++ coding where you could look into the coding with your naked eye, you have to trouble shoot something which you can't see with your naked eyes! Looks difficult? But, it won't be, when you love this beautiful field - Biotechnology.

Failures will become a part of your life and you will enjoy your success which comes after every failure. And, the moment see your experiment giving positive result, ah, that is happiness, the real happiness. Only you would feel this, if you were a biology person! (or a person who has maximum interest in any field.

Every little thing you do in your lab will fail, but, don't worry, it'll be followed by a success!

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