Saturday, January 5, 2013

Aspartame - Artificial Sweetener!

We all love sweets, isn’t it? From a cute baby who had just started feeling and enjoying the tastes to 100 year old people, love sweets! Oh, I could hear you, yes, Diabetic patients can’t enjoy sweets. But, they too love to have sweets. Even, my father is diabetic and he uses to eat sweets hiding from my mom!

Okay, what for that sweet love, you are asking? Nothing wrong in that, but, if you are crazy about the bottled drinks, then, I’m sorry, you must start worrying! L

Aspartame – is an artificial sweetener which is used in most of the bottled drinks. And, that is an approved artificial sweetener by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration – which tests and approves all food and drug items before they are marketed)

“It is approved by FDA, then, why we must worry?”, is this your next question? Let me answer you!

Aspartame is formed using two aminoacids – L-Phenyl alanine and L aspartate. This when broken down during metabolism in our body produces – phenylalanine and hence must be avoided by people who are suffering from the genetic disorder called Phenyl Ketone Urea (PKU) – these people can’t metabolise phenyl alanine further!

This Aspartame will be unstable at higher temperatures and they are stable in the pH of 4 in general. As most of the bottled drinks have the pH of 3 to 5, this is generally used in bottled drinks.

Moreover, this is preferred because this has 200% greater sweetness than the normal sucrose we use. This is enough for us right? The taste? The taste is enough, right?

Okay, what is the problem in consuming this aspartame? Only the PKU people must avoid this?

No, even normal healthy individual’s health will be affected on consuming aspartame in long run – many researches revealed this!

There are several published articles narrating the link between the aspartame consumption and Cancer! Yes, cancer, leukemia!

In 1965 Aspartame was discovered and was approved by FDA initially in 1974. Even after the approval, the safety of aspartame is being questioned by many researchers and the FDA considered the approval again!

A trick to hide the risks behind a product is generally done by showing the results of short term tests and analysis. People are misled by such short term analysis!

The metabolized products of aspartame not only include aspartate and phenyl alanine but also methanol. Methanol is toxic! But, many scientists and researches argue that methanol could be degraded by alcohol dehydrogenases. But, this degradation results in formaldehyde which will degrade DNA and proteins! This will lead to several Auto immune diseases and cancer!

And, researches reveal that men are affected more by the consumption of aspartame!
Many products like this, which are synthesized artificially might have long term effects over our health, as this is going to affect us only in long run we won’t realize this.

My mom use to advice me not to take bottled drinks and she suggests fresh juices instead. She says, if I drink bottled items, it would affect my health.

It’s true isn’t it? Aspartame or other artificial sweeteners might be the reason behind this?

I’m not sure about the worst effects of Aspartame, I just wrote this post by reading various articles and information already published.

You are sick? May be it is due to artificial sweeteners? To check this, just avoid artificial sweeteners. Check the label of everything you consume sweet! If you are fine after avoiding these artificial sweets, then, the problem is with the artificial sweeteners.

 Just try to be safe with natural sweets!

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