Monday, September 3, 2012

Malaria and Sickle cell anaemia

Malaria is one of the well known diseases caused by mosquito bite (the female anopheles mosquito) Malaria is generally caused by four different Plasmodium species:
  1. P.vivax
  2. P.falciparum
  3. P.ovale
  4. P.malariae

Mosquitoes act only as carriers, as we all know .We have to suffer badly if we are affected by malaria. But, you need not suffer from malaria, else we can say, you will not get affected with malaria at all, if you have sickle cell anaemia!
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“Hey, you, don’t you have sense, for getting away from a disease you ask us to catch hold of other?”, is this the question peeping out from your mind right now?

If yes, go ahead and read. Yes, as I said already, you won’t be affected by malaria if you are a person with sickle cell anaemia. But, don’t worry; there is another possible way too, to avoid malaria.

When you have the genes responsible for sickle cell anaemia (is a genetic disorder in which the Red Blood Cells will be sickle shaped instead of disc shape, the patient suffers from anaemia because of this), just the genes are enough from any one of your parent i.e., you need not suffer from the sickle cell anaemia but just you need to be a carrier of the gene responsible for the disease – carrier. (You carry a receive gene responsible for sickle cell anaemia which is not sufficient to cause disease)

If you are a carrier of the gene responsible for sickle cell anaemia, then your micro RNA will have the ability to suppress the Plasmodium species, thus protecting you from the deadly malaria.

Disclaimer: I wrote this article based on my understanding after reading a paper. There may me mistakes. If you find any, kindly let me know with your valuable comments.

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