Friday, April 6, 2012

Hero villan

Every story has a hero and a villan (enemy). My story too have them. I love my hero, he is too smart and acts smart and good. But, this villan, he always troubles me, annoys me :(

You wanna know who are they? If you imagined hero as a guy and villan as another guy, am sorry, as usual, I meant it related with my subject. The hero is antibody and villan is antigen :D :D :D

My dad told me a story when I was too young ( hope I was doing 3rd class ) I got an wound in my right leg, I got fever because of the pain :( So, I didn't attend my classes that day. I was lying in my bed and dad was cleaning  and  dressing my wound. I was wearing a gown , it had a rope near the hip portion , I was chewing that rope.

Dad started telling a story , " appaa kutty (dad's pet) , you should not chew your dress , your dress might have lots of germs, they are all villans (enemies) and they will fight against the soldiers in your body.

I started wondering and asked him , " apaa (dad) whether my body has soldiers??!! " .
Dad said " yes, your body has little soldiers, they will assemble near your wound and fight against the villans, the medicine you take in will support your soldiers, the medicine is also like soldiers, but, if you chew your dress, germs will get inside your body, they will go and support the villans, then your wound will get more worse, so, don't bite, okay?"

As an innocent kid, I nodded and was imagining little little soldiers with weapons in their hands fighting against villans :) :)

But, now, I know, the heroes are the antibodies, villans are the antigens :) Now, I know things better than my dad , and I started explaining him stories of immunology  and drug resistances :)

A short note on drug resistance : " Take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor "

Whenever you take some course of medicine, do your course complete. When your doctor prescribes you some medicine and ask you take for a week, take it for a week. You may feel better within 3 days, because, your medicine might have destroyed 99% of your disease causing germs. So, you will stop taking your medicine by the 3rd day. But, after that, the remaining 1% will start multiplying, and, again it will make you diseased. Then, you will start blaming your doctor, and take your medicines once again. But, your medicines won't work this time that much quickly. Because, your disease causing microbes now recognized the mechanism of your medicine and it became resistant to your medicine. So, even when you take the same medicine after that, it won't affect your microbes. You have to again try with different medicine. 

That's why, doctors suggest you to take your medicine course completely. Tuberculosis(TB) causing Mycobacterium tuberculosis has developed resistance against several drugs, only because the patients stopped taking drugs when they felt little relieved (but, they are not cured completely). So, take your medicine course completely as per your doctor's advice. If you drop in the middle, then your medicines can't work over your microbe. You have to wait for a new medicine then. "Share this info with your friends and spread awareness. Never forget to follow your doctor's advice"

Hope, I made it clear? Got my point?

I started gaining interest with Immunology :)
How brilliant these microbes are!!! Very smart...! Gonna read much on Immunology :)
Gonna do something against this bad smart microbes :) :D :P  Okay  Taataa.. (Bye..)