Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Drinking chlorophyll!

Chlorophyll. I know this as a green pigment in plants and some algae and bacteria, which helps in photosynthesis. This is the thing, known by most people who know the basic botany! But, recently I got to know something interesting about this greeny pigment.

Few days back, I went to an exhibition in my town where I had come across a stall which had some plant based products and medicines. There I came across a product which was a "chlorophyll drink". I don't know why that thing alone got my interest among the number of products.

The lady who was selling those products came near me looking at my onterest over that product and she started explaining "this is good for diabetes, good for cancer, ulcer,...", she possibly listed out all the diseases she knows and added that she had cured cancer patients in the severe stages using this chlorophyll drink. And when she was explaining I thought like "yeah. we are consuming chlorophyll every day in the form of greeny spinach leaves..., and ofcourse having spinach is good for health"

I wondered! Just a drink could cure all the diseases??! Then I started searching about the health benefits of chlorophyll.

Chemically similar!
When we look at the chemical sturcture of chlorophyll and hemoglobin,  both resembles similar! Chlorophyll contains Mg(2+) in the centre and hemoglobin has Fe(2+) in the middle. So, drinking chlorophyll will surely give some benefits, isn't it?

Anti cancerous!
Certain cancers caused due to fungus present in contaminated foods are reduced by consuming chlorophyll! Chlorophyll attach to certain chemical components which causes cancer thereby blocking them.

Anti diabetic!
Ligands for the retinoid X receptor(RXR) had shown anti diabetic effects. Phytanic acid, which is a metabolite of chlorophyll is a natural ligand for RXR and hence it has anti diabetic effect.

I read several articles and papers regarding the benefits of chloropyll. I came across lots of benefits in having a chlorophyll diet. All the benefits are generally because of improving the immunity of the body.

But, Drinking chlorophyll is how far advisable? I feel like, there is no need for drinking chlorophyll. Because there are reports of side effects, drinking chlorophyll.

I remember one thing which my mom always stresses from my childhood, "Eat green veggies and spinach"

So, just have lots of greeens and get all the benefits like anticancerous, antidiabetic etc.,


  1. Good information.. But no time to cook them and eat them.. :-(

    1. Haha, I believe only for people like you, they are selling liquid chlorophyll! Buy it and drink! It costs just around 2000 Rupees :)

    2. Just Rs.2000/? Fine.. My one min earning :P